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Our Vitiligo herb oil treatment is a completely outstanding
product and there is absolutely no alternative to its unique formula.
It consists of a formulation of purely herbal & natural ingredients
blended together in a specific proportion to fight and cure Vitiligo
permanently. Our Anti Vitiligo oil treatment is a completely
guaranteed and clinically proven herbal and 100% natural treatment
Vitiligo. Thousands of patients have been successfully cured with our
Anti Vitiligo oil over the past few years.

Treating Vitiligo with our Anti Vitiligo oil requires the patient
to use the oil until the skin is completely clear
from Vitiligo ( White patches). The use of oil is very simple just
the affected area with cold or normal water towel it (make it dry)
gently rub with
towel and apply oil untill it absorbe into skin.
The initial course of treatment
normally lasts two to three months by the end of which the patient's
skin should be completely clear of all signs of Vitiligo.


vitiligolife Team