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"Federal and State officials are looking into 150 price and marketing
fraud cases involving more than 500 drugs." -- Peter D. Keisler,
Assistant Attorney General DOJ

Whistleblowers against Fraud

Pharmaceutical fraud now accounts for the largest False Claims Act
recoveries by the U.S. government and whistleblowers. Drug companies
have been known to offer a doctor up to $10,000 worth in free trips,
tickets to sports events, days at the spa, and dinner cruises.
“Marketing” or as a way to “educate” doctors --- it is often simple

Pharmaceutical fraud is so pervasive that covering all the ways it
happens is simply not possible. The Medicare prescription plan seems
to ensure that the magnitude of this fraud will grow over time.

Drug company fraud often involves issues such as:

* off-label marketing of drugs for uses other than those approved
by the FDA;

* kickbacks and other inducements to physicians, hospitals and
pharmacies to prescribe specific drugs;

* charging prices to the Government that are higher than allowable
by law; and

* providing false or misleading data to the FDA during clinical
research trials.