From: Adelle on

To all those who are here for help, advice, comfort, support, and/or
friendship, you have come to the right place.

This is a support group for caregivers of people with age related dementias.
Some come seeking advice. Some, a
sympathetic ear. Some seek the latest in research and medications.

There are people here who have experience in caring for a loved one with
Alzheimer's Disease or other dementias. We will be glad to talk to you and
help whenever we can. Just post your message and one of us will respond.

Don't be put off by the lack of posts, the presence of spam, or posts about
viruses, the implication of an overabundance of a metal, or other such
theories of what causes AD and other dementias.

Why is this NG fairly quiet? It's just most of us regulars are either too
busy with active caregiving, or have had our loved one pass so long ago that
the need to connect is no longer as strong. And the expansion of the World
Wide Web means there are all sorts of areas to chat with people and get
help; Usenet is no longer the only option.

But we stalwarts are lurking and always willing to speak up and give some
ideas when we can.

Glad you are here but sorry you have the need...


From: Lynn Lynn on
I've been away for a couple of weeks and see that messages have really
gone down.

I would like to think that is a good thing because no one needs any
advice or comforting (wouldn't that be wonderful?) but I know that is
not the case.

It sometimes just takes time to find a group like this and also takes
time from caregiving to be able to post.

Sending thoughts and prayers out to anyone who is troubled at this time
and hope they find this "safe haven"!


From: Lynn Lynn on
Thanks for sharing with us, Evelyn.

Now we can all send helpful thoughts and prayers your way.

I just can't imagine having to go through the Dementia caregiving a
second time knowing full well what lies ahead.

Stay strong!


From: Evelyn on
"Queenie" <RoyalPalace(a)> wrote in message news:4c5ab9c1$0$31278$607ed4bc(a)
Evelyn, my thoughts & prayers go out to you at this time. Hope you will be feeling better really soon.

Thank you so much Judy.

Thanks for those good wishes. It isn't always a good thing. I am dealing
with a great deal of difficulty right now, due to my father (age 97) who is
experiencing vascular dementia, at the same time I am fighting Lyme disease
AGAIN! Not really feeling up to talking about it all just now, but it is
pretty unpleasant, since my father has never been an easy guy to get along

Best Regards,

In the stony fastness of the mountains there is a strange market, where one
may barter the vortex of life for boundless bliss. - Milarepa

Best Regards,

In the stony fastness of the mountains there is a strange market, where one may barter the vortex of life for boundless bliss. - Milarepa
From: Lynn Lynn on
I, too, was blind as to things Mom was doing. I chalked it up to old
age - not Dementia.

Wearing dirty clothes, thinking the TV remote didn't work while all the
time she forgot which button to push, thinking the toilet was running
when she had the exhaust fan on instead, forgetting how to turn on the
stove, not being able to take care of her checkbook because she "forgot
how to do the numbers", wanting new locks on her door to keep people
out, hiding things so they wouldn't get stolen, etc., etc., etc.

It only got worse from there....forgetting who I was, seeing all kinds
of people in her room at night, having a "dog" on her bed, thinking
grandson (7 years old) stole her watch, not recognizing my house (after
26 years), etc.

Oh my, how did I survive? But....we all did, didn't we? I'm not the
same person though!


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