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Stay away from this stuff!! Thats my opinion based on personal
experience. This stuff leaves horrible scars that look much worse.

I hardly post on the net unless I really feel compelled to do so. My
experience with Pristine Herbal Touch Wart & Mole Remover was so bad
that I had to warn everyone out there.

Not Happy
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Hi, I am an employee at Pristine Herbal Touch, the makers of Wart Mole
Vanish. I just want to follow-up with you and find out exactly what
happaned and what went wrong. We are concerned and we definately try
to take care of ALL our customers as best as we can. We also go to
great lengths to describe our product instructions in detail so that
this sort of thing does not happen.

Also please understand, whenever you try to manipulate the dermis, one
should expect that a scar or blemish could result. This is true for
ANY mole removal method used, especially surgery. In MOST cases after
treatment and after the scab has fallen off, you will be left with a
temporary blemish that fades away within 90 days, however it can take a
year or more for some people.

In our experience (after treating hundreds of thousands of wart and
mole cases) the results are staggeringly positive.

Please feel free to give us a call, or email. We have many venues of
communication at your disposal. Please call 800-395-8401 or
Email us at info(a)

Visit our sites at

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