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"But clinical and animal studies to date have achieved response using
only localized delivery methods such as intratumoral infusion.
To explore possibilities for enhanced clinical efficacy, fresh"

Oh, we see, you want people with cancer to directly bath their innards
with veggie oil?

Besides looks like fish oil is best for this.

Do what Jesus did, eat your fish.
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"Antitumor activity by unsaturated fatty acids"
"Exposed to �-linolenic acid (GLA) and �-linolenic acid (ALA)"
"An oral regimen is proposed for phase I clinical testing"

Cytotoxicity of unsaturated fatty acids in fresh human tumor explants:
AYUP! You are gullible for sure. Want to buy some prime swamp land up

Think about this mr gullible. If it were true you would find no problems
with any asian, very little problem with any Italian due to olives and
their by-products, plus other veggies, and even you would be cured
instead of dying.