From: S G on
Thank-you Lynn for your kind response. My heart goes out to you also.
Watching my Mom slip away is extremely painful, just like it was for
you. So sad about "the watch and your little grandson".

Sorry it has taken me soo long to come back and answer everyone....just
been too busy.

Today my Mom wasn't having a good day....very confused, and having allot
of difficulty walking (she has arthritis real bad in her knees). She
uses a walker, but forgets, and tries to walk without it. Just not a
good day. :(

I hope you find some comfort Lynn in knowing that what you have been
through has enabled you to reach out to someone like me. Thanks for
inviting me in. Thanks to everyone here for that.

My Mom lived with me for 3 1/2 yrs. before she went into the nursing
home {soon as I realized she had dementia I brought her here). I thought
she would be here till the end, but, when she needing 24 hr. care I had
to get her that care. I live everyday with the thought that I abandoned
her, by putting her there. I know I _needed_ to sleep, and sleep
peacefully, but, that terrible thought is still with me. I don't think
it will ever go away. Was your Mom with you till the end?
If she was, be glad for that Lynn.

Well, thank-you again. You take care of yourself now. Enjoy your little
grandson....they're just great, aren't they?