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a sockpuppet wrote:
> Andrew, in the Holy Spirit, boldly wrote :
>> a sockpuppet wrote:
>>> Andrew, in the Holy Spirit, boldly wrote :
>>>> Ellen K. wrote:
>>>>> The article takes a skeptical view.
>>>> As should anyone else familiar with the first law of thermodynamics.
>>>> Smarter to hold ourselves to the right daily amount (32 oz ) of food.

>>> The diet requirement of a 40-years old, 110 lbs, 5-foot woman is not the
>>> same as the one for a 23-years old, 320 lbs, 6-foot 4 football player.
>> Actually, the right daily amount of food is the same for everyone by
>> GOD's design according to what is written at Exodus 16:16 with all
>> glory to Him. Approach

>> Those who really need more nutrients will extract more from the food
>> they eat on the condition they are eating the right amount (32 oz) per
>> day.
>You **really** are insane.

Wouldn't be a member of the AMA if that were true:

Nor would this physician's comments on this topic be accepted on the
New England Journal of Medicine's moderated web site if he were

Therefore, you are insane as evident by your delusions.

You would be wise to flee before GOD zaps you as He has zapped those
who preceded you.


In the Holy Spirit,

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