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> PeterB wrote:
>> Dr. Tom Mack, of USC, a well-known scientist with first-hand experience
>> studying smallpox in Pakistan during the 1960s, said that endemic
>> smallpox vanished from the US not because of herd immunity through
>> vaccine, but as a result of ongoing economic development.
> He said no such thing. He said that economic development contributed to
> the end of smallpox. He did not use the word "vanished". Here's what he
> said:
> "Disappearance was facilitated, not impeded, by economic development."

"If people are worried about endemic smallpox, it disappeared from this
country not because of our mass herd immunity. It disappeared because of
our economic development. And that's why it disappeared from Europe and
many other countries, and it will not be sustained here, even if there were
several importations, I'm sure. It's not from universal
vaccination."----Dr. Mack

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>> Reference, please? In addition to smallpox, polio is nearly eradicated
>> (despite recent setbacks) and deaths from measles have declined by half
>> in the last 6 or 7 years because of vaccination programs.

Measles deaths declined by 99.4% before vaccination (Source: Twentieth
Century Mortality CD, Office of National Statistics)

> I got both mumps and chicken pox as a kid, and so did many of the other
> children in my community. My children have never even *heard* of mumps,
> because no one they know has ever gotten it. They have heard of chicken
> pox, but only because one or two of their friends have gotten mild
> cases.

My 19 year old daughter caught mumps this year off her recently MMR
vaccinated boyfriend, and mumps is rife in schools.

Mumps is a safe disease whereas the MMR vaccine causes autism and deaths.
Also there is evidence it is a necessary process of the immune system, while
some Mumps vaccines have been in use for years and proven to be 100%
ineffective, like Rubini

> What, other than vaccine, could possibly account for such a dramatic
> decline in mumps and chicken pox cases (in the US, at least) during my
> lifetime?

Who cares about cases? It is death rate we worry about, and chicken pox
never killed, now it does due to immune depleting drugs, and the vaccine
wouldn't have saved them

Pkus the daeth and disability from those vaccines, remember the Urabe strain
MMR vaccine?

here is one victim

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> Nice logic. :) I'm completely bemused by this whole anti-vac movement.
> I was aware of it, but assumed it mainly consisted of anxious mothers
> who just needed some reassurance and education.
> Boy, have my eyes been opened here. :D

good, the reason you ahven't heard our story is because the
allopaths/medical industry suppress it. I can demonstrate this by my
attempts to get the anti-vax story on to Wikipedia--they tried to delete my
page to National Anti-Vaccination League,
and are still trying to delete it by merging it
into a page called Anti Vaccinationists that was created by an
Allopath/vaccinator to make out we are all cranks. "Anti-vax" is a
pejorative term like cranks, by the way.

have a look on that page and see all of those books vanish

They refuse to allow any links to my smallpox books from Wikipedia using some spurious reasons.

You can see their antics where they tried
to delete 10 anti-vax people I had made pages to eg: etc Here is the
attempted deletion of Mendelsohn

So now you know why we never heard about them or the other side of the
story. 2006 and I was the first person to put the anti-vax story onto
Wikipedia, lets hope it stays there, they wont ever give up trying to delete

Creighton did way back in 1910 I think, but it only lasted one or two
editions of the Brittanica, before it was removed and he was cast into the

The media are owned by the Elite who make all their money from the medical
monopoly, so you wont see anything worthwhile from that direction, the last
decent media story was in a provincial USA paper in 1894

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> I have visited people inside secure wards in mental hospitals. Nobody
> I ever met inside was as insane (or as dangerous) as some of the
> anti-vaccinators I have met and corresponded with.
> --

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> You have two groups of hamsters. One group is immunized with a
> genetically-engineered yellow fever vaccine virus (17D) that has West
> Nile virus antigen, while the other is unimmunized. After a few weeks,
> all the hamsters are infected with 10^4 TCID50 of WNV NY385-99. Half of
> the unvaccinated hamsters die from WN encephalitis, while none of the
> vaccinated hamsters show any sign of disease and, of course, none die.
> How do you interpret this?

An attempt to vaccinate the entire world with yellow fever vaccine?