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> >> He doesn't know, it is just his insane need to argue.
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> >> Sad he could not win a case in court... then was dishonest and disbarred.
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> > Having a little trouble with the concept of live & let live?
> In the Matter of Mark Probert (Admitted as Mark S. Probert), a
> Suspended Attorney, Respondent.
> Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District, Petitioner.

No, no... you've got it wrong. THIS is the Mark Probert who posts in

The Story of Mark Probert
and the Teachers of Light.

Between the years 1948-68 channeling entities
from other dimensions was still a novelty. However -
Mark Probert was such a channel. He called himself "A
Telegnostic from San Diego," and the group speaking
through him "Inner Circle, Teachers of Light" or
Kethra E Da, the ancient language which was spoken by
the leader Yada di Shi'te thousands of years ago in an
ancient civilization called Yuga. This civilization lasted
1024 years and was destroyed by a major earthquake and
now lies buried underneath the Himalayan Mountains.
The information coming through Mark was highly
prolific and way ahead of its time: From scientific
information, to space beings, late great civilizations,
causes of ailments and much much more. The teachers
say that religion and racial strife are man's creation and
only of the earth and astral frequencies. It is something
we must grow out of and away from, as mankind rises
out of the hypnotic spell of superstition.

Yada and the other teachers talk about the
grandeur of man's divine heritage. They say that man is
asleep caught up in the fury of the chemical world. He
has lost his way and forgotten his royal blood and now
must find his way back to the Light. He states that man is
not a sinner but he is insane - without thought.
Something happens when man comes into the three
dimensional world and pulls the curtain behind him. He
does not remember where he came from and he does not
know where he is going. Yada reminds us that man is
born of love and that today's religious teachings are
missing the mark. He answers all the questions: Who are
we? Where did we come from? And where are we going?

Yada talks about the mystical story of Jesus, which
he says, is a symbolic one. The personality must be
crucified so that the Christ, which is the Light and in all
of us, can rise out of the tomb of ignorance and set the
personality free. He explains that Jesus stated: What I
can do - you can do also, becoming aware of that Inner
Light and re-member again to become a conscious creator.

Mark did not cultivate his strange gift and it was
often a worry and burden to him. During earlier times,
before tape recorders the lectures were taken by
shorthand and published in a booklet called The Round
Robin by Meade Layne. Later they were printed in a
publication called The Mark Probert Report.

Professor Alfred Luntz, another teacher was a
Clergyman for the High Episcopalian Church of
England. He passed away at age 81 and was surprised
that he did not go to heaven and sit at the right side of
Jesus, as he had taught for 50 years to his congregation.
He told of the shock when he realized he not only had
survived the death of his physical body but that there
was no heaven, hell or purgatory which he had preached
for so long.

Some may ask what relevance such inner truth has
for the modern world, where mankind seems to be
moving further and further away from the mysterious
towards an increasing impersonal, complex and
technological future. But these teachings are now more
needed than ever, as we learn to distinguish what has
lasting value and what takes us away from the Divine.

Mark passed away in 1969, a few years after
his wife Irene who was always by his side. His passing
went unnoticed by the public, but many devotees felt the
loss of this human personality who has astounded and
shocked so many people with these teachings.

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>>Jan Drew wrote:
>>> He doesn't know, it is just his insane need to argue.
>>> Sad he could not win a case in court... then was dishonest and
>>> disbarred.
>>Having a little trouble with the concept of live & let live?
> Marcia, you have to realise that in altworld everyone with the same
> name is the same person. Jan says that this Mark Probert is that Mark
> Probert (without any evidence

Wrong. The source has been posted.

Just another example of Peter being a repeated and proven liar.



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>>*Substantial* *real* *solid* *convincing* *hard* *clear-cut* *reasonable*
>> *significant* *credibile* *compelling* *copious* *direct*
> For those who came in late, this is a list of attributes that Jan
> believes are not relevant to evidence.

Actually, for those who don't know the truth.

Which is not posted by Peter Bowditch..the above list has been
used by all those who are grasping at straws.

They must put one of the above words in front of their posts...because there
evidence...they just don't like it.

The evidence is *outside of brain washed organized medicine*.

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> Peter Bowditch

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>> Right . . . All those native Americans who died by the millions in the
>> fifteenth through eighteenth centuries, having no physicians or nurses to
>> torture them to death, must have died of other, less "safe and slight"
>> diseases. I wonder what "radio" preachers Dr. Sydenham was listening to
>> in 1688, more than two centuries before Marconi's invention of radio.
>> Bullshit! These are smug claims that aren't even backed up with anecdotal
>> evidence. All credible sources put the mortality rate for smallpox in the
>> 15% to 30% range, even with modern supportive care. Smallpox has
>> historically killed more people than any other infectious disease,
>> possibly more than all other infectious diseases together. It's a
>> hideously painful way to die, too; and the survivors are usually
>> monstrously disfigured as well.
>> --
> You need to see a hypnotist to get rid of that brainwashing.

Brainwashing? Just what of the information above do you believe to be
innacurate? That millions of native Americans died of smallpox? That's part
of history recorded long before there were vaccines or a pharaceutical
industry to conspire as you believe they do. That smallpox was disfiguring,
painful, and deadly? Again, that was established long ago, not invented by
those who seek to profit. I get my information about the disease from
sources that have no motive to "brainwash" me, and that have a lot more
credibility than your website. You cannot rewrite history to conform with
your paranoid worldview.


Recommended websites:

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Mark Probert wrote:
> Max C. wrote:
> > Mark Probert wrote:
> >> (They would not be worn out if *S*o *C*alled *A*lternative *M*edicine
> >> had some form of basis in reality.)
> >
> > So Alternative Medicine is a S C A M? Is that what you're implying by
> > emphasizing those letters? Does that apply to all alternative
> > therapies? Many, if not most alternative practitioners focus on
> > nutrition and its role in human health. Are you saying that good
> > nutrition is a scam? Are you saying the chiropractors are scam
> > artists? Your sweeping generalization requires some specificity,
> > because if you really believe that modern medical professionals are the
> > only ones qualified to heal the human body, most readers in the
> > alternative news groups will have had enough personal experience with
> > alternative practitioners to think of you as a quack.
> >
> > You see, that's exactly what the pharma hounds and FDA lap dogs of
> > yesteryear preached. Many of these "experts" testified in court that
> > the absence of vitamins and minerals from the human diet could not
> > cause degenerative, functional or infectious disease. Of course, we
> > now know beyond a doubt that such testimony is pure rubbish. Even the
> > average person on the street understands that vitamins and minerals are
> > required for good health.
> >
> > So, what exactly do you mean by your above statement?
> I am sorry, your post did not contain any facts, just your opinion.

Ah, the ol' question dodge game. Sorry, but that wasn't my opinion.
It's an exact account of what happened the first time Dr. Royal Lee was
hauled to court by the FDA. The FDA brought "experts" that testified
in court that the absence of vitamins and minerals from the human diet
could not cause degenerative, functional or infectious disease. I've
listened to a lecture of Dr. Lee's explaining the entire case in
detail. You can see a sample of his story here:
"This is nothing new for Dr. Nelson. Ten years ago he, with his group
of experts, testified in a similar court, that neither degenerative
disease, infectious disease, nor functional disease could result from
any nutritional deficiency."

So, my post did not contain my opinion at all. Now, answer the