From: ProfQ on
Roche Rivotril 2mg tablets are 99.99% identical to HEXAZIDE (Ridaq). The
only distinguishing feature is the Roche logo on the reverse of
Rivotril. Why do pharmaceutical companies make drugs all in white when
there are 16-million colors? For us senior citizens identifying which is
which is often extremely difficult.

The Roche feedback form on the web does not work!
From: Graham. on

> Ah, we have another genius in our midst. So what does one do when the wife
> takes out all her daily pills and places them in groups : morning,
> lunchtime, evening, bed time?
> Rivotril looks like Ridaq, Plenish K looks like Clarityne, and so on.\
> So, genius, what do you have to say about that?

But at the time when she puts the tablets into the four
groups she will, I hope, take care to select the correct
drug, after that it doesn't matter long as they don't subsequently
get mixed up.

Pharmacists do this all the time for nursing homes it's called
MDS or Medication Management System and all the drugs
for each of the four administration times are sealed into individual
compartments of a plastic tray so all the care staff have to
do is make sure the resident takes all the drugs in the
correct compartment at the correct time. without worrying
too much about which drug is which

A good pharmacy will sell you a similar tray designed
for use in your own home.
I just found some very ingenious ones on this US site but
maybe you don't need a talking one!

Take care now, and I never say DOH