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"Art Schwartz" <aschwart(a)> wrote in message
> I first came across Respro masks a few years ago in a bike shop, before
> I first learned about my food allergies. Seemed like a good idea for
> riding a bike in city traffic. But the "large" size was too small, and
> Respro does not make their cycling and chemical masks in X-large, so
> there was no point in pursuing it any further. I did check out their
> website, and Googled around learning about activated charcoal fabric,
> and volatile organic compounds, more out of curiosity than anything else.
> A couple of years later, a stonemason we had doing some work for us
> pulled a different Respro model out of his tool bag; said he'd found it
> in a motorcycle shop, and praised it highly for his occupational dust
> problems.
> This time I found the Respro FB-1 dust mask, which they created for
> firefighters. This comes in X-large, and I ordered one. The neoprene
> outer layer is still too damn small in one key dimension, and the filter
> they sent to fit inside the neoprene is even smaller. It sits in a
> Then came the chemical sensitivity problems. Neither Respro nor any of
> their competitors makes their clean-looking allergy masks in a size that
> fits. [Anger and sarcasm withheld at this point]. What I did find that
> works were disposable masks for "nuisance-level" volatile organic
> compounds in an industial safety supply catalogue. I had to create my
> own elastic band arrangement to hold them on, but they have made an
> immense difference. I keep one in the car, one in the bag I carry
> around with me when I'm out of the house, and one for work around the
> house a and yard.
> Most industrial safety supply shops carry a selection, all considerably
> less expensive than Respro. There are a number of different
> manufacturers and suppliers with on-line catalogues [e.g., 3M, Degil,
> Moldex, North, Levitt]. I use 3M model 8577, simply because it's easily
> available near where I live, and it fits. They come in boxes of ten for
> between $Cdn 50-60. When one gets dirty or saturated, I throw it away.
> I've worn them on airplanes and in theatres -- but never going through
> airport security. Lots of "Can we help you?" kinds of concern from
> flight attendants, but I'd rather not do anything to attract more
> attention from security types than I already get -- but that's a
> different discussion.
Thanks for all of the great info. I still haven't gotten around to buying
anything yet as my chronic-pain issues were making it hard to think about
anything but I will look into it this week.