From: Salmon Egg on
I erased this message before reading it. What ever it was, I would have
great difficulty believing that researchers would agree to such a
statement unless they were a highly selected sample taken from pertinent


An old man would be better off never having been born.
From: ferrous on
"I am sure the researchers involved in this study .. care ..
whether you read it ..

Nor do .. I ..

Three things. Then why pollute the newsgroups if having people read it
is not the goal?

Two , when you get nasty is instantly a sign of your failure; regardless
of your goal.

Three by this blurb people should not confuse you with being among the

Oh yes, we don't care if you care, we will continue to comment all
the same.
From: ferrous on
"Iron as a cause of Parkinson disease - a myth or a well established
hypothesis? <<"

Sure, as given you, low iron is in one stage seen in this disorder.

The real question is why the bodies normally good control of iron should