From: Perplexed on
Then Google created some of their
own Google Groups.

Very good! And they're commonly referred to as "boards" by those who
use them, including the ones that show active usenet groups
From: Kevysmom on

> It would appear that she kicked your sorry little butt a long time
> ago,
> ---------------
> Most of those posts aren't to me, dumbass, but rather to multiple
> people she chooses to take her self-hatred out on.
> I should have guessed reading a simple paragraph or two was too much
> for you to grasp.

What are you talking about PSYCHOPERP? I posted on here what others
think of you, you are DEMENTED and a LUNATIC and EVERYONE knows it!

From: Mark Probert on
On Nov 29, 11:19 pm, Perplexed <openlyincogn...(a)> wrote:
> Not at all. Honorable, with offers from several agencies for
> employment.
> -----------
> Yeah, sure.  I'd believe something you claim.
> Not.

As expected.
From: Mark Probert on
On Nov 29, 11:36 pm, Perplexed <openlyincogn...(a)> wrote:
> IIRC, Perpie did this at least one time before. Perpie got no support
> from anyone in the newsgroup, which was rather refreshing.
> Perpie should have learned that the first time. Since Perpie didn't,
> it is obvious to me that Perpie is learning disabled.
> --------------
> Ummm...Probie....I'm not here for support from anyone, least of all an
> arrogant prick who is a disbarred and disgraced attorney.
> It's rather pathetic that you think others turn to these groups for
> support...sure says a lot about you.  Needy little guy, aren't
> you?  :)

Where did I say that I think that others turn to the NEWSGROUPS? No

No wonder your precious could not get into her Ivys.

From: Mark Probert on
On Nov 29, 11:40 pm, Jan Drew <jdrew63...(a)> wrote:
> On Nov 28, 10:04 pm, Mark Probert <mark.prob...(a)> wrote:
> > On Nov 28, 9:49 pm, Perplexed <openlyincogn...(a)> wrote:
> > I hate to break it to you, but Jan Drew has the job of newsgroup
> > stalker.
> > We will keep your resume on file, and, if a position for a person with
> > talent like yours becomes available, we will contact you to see if you
> > are still interested.
> > Very truly yours,
> > m.h.a. Personnel
> This is lie, off topic, and faked.
> It has been reported.

Damn, Jan, you sure do lack a sense of humor.

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