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These people are sick... Turtle and Perp conversation

Perplexed to Number
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You started the feud with Perp-I was there to see it. She said that
her school system should not waste so much money on unsalvageable
retards. She correctly believes that such funds are better spent on
gifted children. You went postal over that post


That's it in a nutshell. :)

Although I did refer to them as "severely and profoundly mentally and
physically disabled". LOL.
From: Perplexed on
No, what REALLY got me is when you said the parents should take their
child out of the schools or place them in an institution so we can use
the funds for GIFTED children.

They're EDUCATION funds, you idiot. They're being spent on physical
and occupational therapists so that the parents of those kids who will
NEVER, EVER function above the 6-8 month level are soothed. They're
being spent on special facilities so that when the kids soil
themselves they can be bathed at school.

That's not education. It's HEALTHCARE.
From: Perplexed on
You are a NAZI thinking demented POS that also advocates for forced
sterlization for poor women.

Really? Suppose you post proof of this claim?

You can't, you lying, ignorant psychopath.

I said that mothers on Medicaid should be forced to use birth control.

From: Jan Drew on
On Nov 29, 9:43�pm, Mark Probert <mark.prob...(a)> wrote:
> On Nov 29, 8:50�pm, Perplexed <openlyincogn...(a)> wrote:
> > Oh, I get it. �You can read, you simply can't comprehend. �Got it.
> Let's see...
> I use my real name...
> I do not follow a mother of a special needs child to newsgroups where
> I have never read...
> and I do not have a Google rating like yours after � �(22939 ratings)

(8139 ratings)

Mark S Probert lies again
From: Kevysmom on

I have a feeling that your PSYCHO Stalker and my PYSCHO stalker just
might be the same DEMENTED stalker!

Now I see why you cant stand the lunatic
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