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On Dec 1, 8:26 pm, Perplexed <openlyincogn...(a)> wrote:
> GFY.

hmmman IQ of .00000000000000000001 does that.
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> Looks to me like paying for accessing that site only succeeding in
> pissing you off. It has done you no good, nor any of your kids.
> --------------
> Yeah, it looked to you like Stanford didn't admit average kids also.
> But you were proven wrong.
> As I said, buy a clue; it only costs $14.99 to subscribe to the actual
> facts about college admissions in the US.
> And again I point out how utterly IGNORANT it is to make moronic
> claims about kids you know absolutely nothing about.  You're an idiot.
> I'm curious, since you seem so concerned about education, and act like
> you know the effort it takes to get to higher education and obviously
> sense its value, then why do you diss Marks education? Is it because
> you
> were never able to achieve that level for yourself?
> ------------------
> Are you one of his sock puppets, or what?  I have no idea what his
> education is, nor do I care.  I've seen the evidence on here of what
> he chose to do with it though.  You might think getting thrown out of
> one's chosen profession is admirable; intelligent people do not.
> I'm quite certain my level of education is at least as high, and I
> know my level of professional achievement  and wealth are higher.

Oh? And how would you know that? Most of the regulars know what I do
for a living, and, some even have ideas of what I make.

I'll give you a hint, my business is countercyclical to the economy,
and I am being overworked, as all of my employees are.

> But again, you can continue posting idiotic attacks about someone you
> know nothing about if you think it somehow makes you look better.

That has not stopped you. You did just that in the first sentence of
this paragraph.

> I guess it hurts your feelings to have been shown to be totally
> misinformed when it comes to Stanford admissions...too fcking bad.
> Learn to deal.  Admit you were clueless and move on.

BTW, I am well aware of the fact that there are schools where there
are multiple students graduating with perfect SAT scores. MY HS class
had several. It was a public high school for us poor kids.

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> > GFY.
> hmmman IQ of .00000000000000000001 does that.

He is a stalking lunatic, full of lies and brags about his education
and how much money hes made, he claims to be worth millions and he is
from the GHETTO! LOL

Yet, he pays his children to mow the lawn, and brags that he only has
to pay them $20 instead of the fee he was paying for lawn service of
$50. He has an old above ground swiming pool with a deck around it and
brags about THAT! Yet, hes worth millions!

Hes a DEMENTED stalking LOON!

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I'll give you a hint, my business is countercyclical to the economy,
and I am being overworked, as all of my employees are.

Yeah, that's why you spend hours per day 7 days per week on here
playing footsie with Jan.

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Your gender confusion is as idiotic as Donna's.