From: Perplexed on
Of course, when your only source of knowledge is druggie Rush Limboob
and Foxy News, then I would expect that.

I'm not at all surprised to see you idolize the girlymen types like
Keith Olbermann. I bet your senator Chuckie gives you quite the hard-
From: Perplexed on
Weren't you the one on there posting pictures of infants being
sodomized? Or was that your friend Donna? Or was it both of you?

From: Perplexed on
You are disgusting.

Thanks, Probie! Coming from you, I consider that a compliment of the
highest order.
From: Perplexed on
I highly doubt that there were two kids in your kids school that
received perfect scores. I 'm going to have to call your bluff on that
on. If you had a clue you would realized that high grades alone do not
get it, but well rounded persons with high grades do. My guess is the
black was well rounded, but a 2.4 is pretty low,. too low for
unless it was a football scholarship.

If you had a clue you'd know that two kids from a top notch private
school getting perfect scores on the SAT is nothing. There were more
than two in last years' class.

Look at the scores of those admitted to MIT; the MAJORITY of them got
perfect scores on the math part.

If you had a clue, you might ask about the kids who were turned down.
One happened to also be a music prodigy. The black kid was AVERAGE in
every way.

And here are the stats from the USN&WR College Rankings for Stanford:

Percent with SAT Critical Reading scores in the 500-599 range: 8%

Percent with SAT Math scores in the 500-599 range: 5%

And of course they won't even publish their GPA data. But intelligent
people comprehend that a combined score of 1000 on those two sections
is about as AVERAGE as average can get, yet Stanford clearly admits
such kids.

Buy a clue. It only costs $14.99 to subscribe to their premium access
to data on that site.
From: Jan Drew on
Shut up troll. Leave Donna alone

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