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"Perplexed" <openlyincognito(a)> wrote in message
> As expected.
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> Some of us have brains and know that arrogant pricks on MESSAGE BOARDS
> who happen to be disgraced, disbarred attorneys generally aren't a
> source of accurate information.

If that were true you would have evidence to back that up, and you
certainly cannot find any message boards that do either. My guess is
that you are too stupid to be able to find a message board.

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"Perplexed" <openlyincognito(a)> wrote in message
> Can stupid moms have bright kids? Or do they just appear to be that
> way
> when compared with their mom?
> -------------
> No idea. Do your kids have an IQ over 100? I can't imagine anyone
> with half a brain would marry you, so you tell me...are your kids
> bright?

My kid with the lowest IQ has one of 125, and I do not give much
credence to the tests for various reasons.

> So you agree with the psychopath that it's horrifically cruel to say
> that mothers on Medicaid who can't provide for themselves or the kids
> they already have should be forced to use birth control. I'm shocked,
> I tell 'ya.

No, I do not agree with you. That was your statement, fool.

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"Perplexed" <openlyincognito(a)> wrote in message
> You are clearly the clueless one. Public money should be spent on ALL
> kids and enabling ALL kids to reach their full potential. Only 15% of
> the school districts in the entire country have Gifted and Talented
> programs, and it's a known fact that these kids require the
> opportunity to work beyond the established curriculum if they are ever
> to reach theirs.

Those schools have not been shown to be cost effective.

> Oh, and your Stanford story must be an old one. There were 3 kids
> from my kids' school who applied there last year and the two with
> perfect SAT scores and 14 AP classes each were turned down...the kid
> with a 2.4 GPA, average SAT scores and only 2 AP classes on his
> transcript was admitted...because he was black.

I highly doubt that there were two kids in your kids school that
received perfect scores. I 'm going to have to call your bluff on that
on. If you had a clue you would realized that high grades alone do not
get it, but well rounded persons with high grades do. My guess is the
black was well rounded, but a 2.4 is pretty low,. too low for Stanford
unless it was a football scholarship.

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"Perplexed" <openlyincognito(a)> wrote in message
> Then Google created some of their
> own Google Groups.
> -------------
> Very good! And they're commonly referred to as "boards" by those who
> use them, including the ones that show active usenet groups
> interfaces.

Only stupid user types, sometimes called AOL'ers.

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"Perplexed" <openlyincognito(a)> wrote in message
> Like I said, I am light years ahead of you on the learning curve.
> ------------
> Yeah, that's why you know what the word "boards" refers to.

Gotta hand it to you, you're thicker than thick.

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