From: Perplexed on
Turtle is PsychoPerps sock puppet

Funny. I bet you don't think he saved any of your IMs or emails. LOL!
From: Peter B on

"Perplexed" <openlyincognito(a)> wrote in message
> No wonder your precious could not get into her Ivys.
> -------------
> My oldest is in high school, dumbfuck, and not yet applying to
> schools.

Most likely couldn't make it anyhow due to your "fine" parenting.

From: Peter B on

"Perplexed" <openlyincognito(a)> wrote in message
> It would appear that she kicked your sorry little butt a long time
> ago,
> ---------------
> Most of those posts aren't to me, dumbass, but rather to multiple
> people she chooses to take her self-hatred out on.
> I should have guessed reading a simple paragraph or two was too much
> for you to grasp.

No, I saw you whimper. Now here you are full of foul language, acting
the idiot, pulling a huge PKB on yourself.

From: Peter B on

"Perplexed" <openlyincognito(a)> wrote in message
> Donna, why did you abandon your kid and send him away? Is that why
> you suffer from so much anger and self-loathing?

Trying for the throat? You failed.

It would have been wise for you to do the same lest they grow up to be

From: Peter B on

"Perplexed" <openlyincognito(a)> wrote in message
> Since your little girl did not get into her Ivy, you played that game
> a bit. Making up stories about how race stopped her.
> -------------
> Post up, asswipe. Where are you getting these moronic lies you keep
> posting? None of my kids are of the age to have ever applied to
> college.

Or University or Trade School?

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