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> Britain is in the grip of an obesity epidemic, with more than a
> million severely and morbidly obese

They need to be taught that the right amount of food to eat is 32 oz
of food per day.

Yes, right amount (omer) control as Chris Malcolm is doing is much
more sophisticated and smarter:

Be hungrier, which really is healthier especially for diabetics and
other heart disease patients:

We do this by weighing our meals per the
Approach to get our...

and then...

so that there will be...

Being hungry is truly wonderful as proven by four lines of evidence:





So that we really should and say we are
"wonderfully hungry" whenever we are greeted:

There is pure joy in being used by GOD to convince others:

"A 2005 visit to an Atlanta cardiologist by the name of Andrew Chung
put me on some serious reality

I wasnt just chubby or husky, I am what they often call morbidly
obese. He explained that morbid obesity simply means that if something
happened to me that could be attiributed to weight and I were to end
up in the not breathing state

ok some call it DEAD

that a doctor could simply dismiss it as natural causes related to
weight more or less.

Ive been told I was a chunky fella a couple times, maybe even fat...
but not quite that harshly. Definitely made me think about a few
things, as much as I dislike scare tactics when it comes to health.

Well in the midst of the shock treatment, he also had me come to a
heart wellness seminar that he does on some Saturdays in Mableton.

Nice little get together, he has folks from the community come in and
discuss Tai Chi, exercises, testimonials, all kinds of good stuff.

Then he shows the movie SUPERSIZE ME to set up the pitch for his 2PD
Omer approach that he has his patients use to lose weight.

In a nutshell, in his view, HOW MUCH you eat is more of the issue than
WHAT you eat and portion is more important than any fat content or

I agree with this. This is why I have always been more successful on
more liquid diets (cabbage soup, slimfast, herbalife (tho dangerous))
than anything else. I wasnt eating the portions I was before that..."


Love in the truth,

Andrew <><
Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD
Board-certified Cardiologist
and Author of the 2PD-OMER Approach:
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