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When will there be news of hopspiatls such as Bellevue Hospital, in
NYC, being held accountable for similar physical brutality?

Moreover, 3 weeks ago, I reported to a NYCPD officer by the East River
that I was approached by 2 men who offered me money to touch me.

The NYCPD officer I reported this offence to did not want to record
the incident, was not interested in my name, and never asked me to
sign an "incident report," even when I insisted he take my name and
contact information.

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE, or is it just me?

"CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) -- Robin Petrovic, a college English teacher,
was out dancing at a popular Chicago nightclub, the "Funky Buddha
Lounge," when she got into an altercation with the bouncer and called
police for help.

Robin Petrovic alleges that she sustained extensive injuries after a
Chicago cop beat her outside a popular nightclub.

1 of 3 But according to Petrovic, the officer who showed up -- James
Chevas, a 12-year veteran -- turned on her when she refused to sign a
blank incident report and tried to write down his badge number.

"He picked me up and threw me face down into the ground. And since my
hands were handcuffed behind my back, I couldn't break my fall at all,
so I just landed on my face," she told CNN.

Petrovic is one of thousands of ordinary people who every year accuse
Chicago police of abuse. Few complaints result in disciplinary


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Of strangers.

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19 May 2006

U.S. Appeals Court Upholds NYC Homeless Law

NEW YORK (AP) -- An appeals court, in a split decision, has concluded
that a city law used to clear the homeless from parks and sidewalks as
part of former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's ``Quality of Life'' initiative
is constitutional.

A three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided
Thursday that a law banning people from leaving boxes behind or
erecting an obstruction in any public space justified the Feb. 28,
1997 arrest of Augustine Betancourt.

Betancourt was arrested at a park in lower Manhattan after he folded
three cardboard boxes and a loose piece of cardboard around his body
and went to sleep on a park bench.


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You are SO not SILLY."
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The NY Post

Homeless Holiday Hype
December 7, 2002

By Heather Mac Donald

It's the holiday season-the time when New York's press likes to scarf
up the homelessness industry's lies even more eagerly than usual.
Thanksgiving week saw a cornucopia of made-for-the-media whoppers.

That Tuesday, The New York Times reported that an organization
"founded by homeless people" was suing the New York Police Department
for allegedly "singling out the homeless for arrest." The real
plaintiff in the case, the New York Civil Liberties Union, charges
that the police enforce quality of life rules only against homeless
people, while ignoring the many domiciled offenders. All we ask, purrs
the NYCLU, is equal application of the laws.

Nosense. What the homelessness industry really wants is total
exemption from the law for street vagrants, so that they can remain
publicly visible until the final throes of alcoholism and
schizophrenia drive them to the hospital or the grave. It's the
enforcement of the laws-period-that infuriates the advocates, not
their alleged "selective" enforcement.

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"At present, the advocates control the debate; the mayor must seize
back control. He must explain why compassion does not entail leaving
people on the streets.

He must explain that in a city mandated to provide shelter, there is
neither a right nor a need for vagrants to occupy the streets and
trespass on private property.

He must make clear that for police to allow vagrants to refuse
services and violate the law is not caring but destructive-to the
individual and to the public."
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