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Not flush with cash, AVN is flushed (6/2/2010)

All the hard work might have finally paid off. You can see the
wonderful news here, where Meryl Dorey announced that she was
resigning as President of the Australian Vaccination Network at the
end of February. If nobody can be found to take on the job the AVN
will fold, die and disappear. In order to help out, I have applied for
the job.

Dear Ms Dorey,

I am sorry to hear that you are resigning as President of AVN. I have
enjoyed our communication over the last decade and I will miss you, as
will all the other supporters and members of AVN.

I would like to formally apply for the position of President of the
Australian Vaccination Network. I have extensive knowledge of the
arguments used to oppose vaccinations, I am well known in the
anti-vaccination movement, and I have written widely on the matter. I
have had experience on the boards of several non-profit organisations
and have held the position of President of Australian Skeptics Inc.

I feel that I have a lot to offer to AVN and look forward to helping
the organisation to get its message to all the people who need to hear

As time is short and I will need to make arrangements with my current
clients and adjust my TAFE teaching load in order to take on the AVN
duties, an early response would be appreciated. As you are in Bangalow
and I am in Wentworth Falls it would probably be more efficient if
interviews were to be conducted by telephone or Skype.

Thank you.
Peter Bowditch.

For some reason, however, the story seems to change from day to day.
Sometimes Ms Dorey is leaving because she wants to spend more time
with her family, and sometimes the AVN is folding because it has run
out of money, and sometimes it is the horrible "septics" who have been
disrupting its activities and wasting its time. (The reason is never
that the AVN has been getting so much bad publicity over the last year
that it is time to fold the tents and run away.) There is a fire sale
going on and donations are being sought, so perhaps there will still
be an AVN next month, and there might even be a Meryl Dorey at the
helm. This sort of "we're about to close" appeal has gone out before,
so I won't be breaking out the Mo�t until I hear the really good news
- that the death is true.

If the AVN finally goes into the cesspit where it belongs there are
some people who need a special mention for their part in its decline.
Daniel Raffaele set up the Facebook group "Stop the Australian
Vaccination Network" which provided a meeting place and information
exchange, Christine Bayne, Peter Tierney and Rachael Dunlop monitored
the AVN's rantings and brought them to a wider audience so that more
people could see the idiocy of their agenda. Ken McLeod took the time
to file a complaint with the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission. A
special thanks must go to my anonymous friend who frequents a large
number of anti-vaccination liar mailing lists and forums and passes on
information from places where I am not allowed to go. There were
others who helped as well - you know who you are.

The highest level of thanks and respect, though, goes to Toni and
David McCaffrey. The death of their daughter Dana from whooping cough
and their willingness to take this tragedy to the media and demand
change was the catalyst which turned the media away from being
unwitting mouthpieces for Meryl Dorey and her child-endangering
behaviour and caused them to start questioning what she had to say.
Two years ago, any story in the media about vaccination seemed to
require an unchallenged comment from Meryl Dorey. Now, if she is asked
at all there is usually someone talking sense brought along as well.
Even if the AVN survives they will no longer be seen as the sole
authority on vaccine safety, but will be recognised for what they are.
In fact Meryl Dorey even provided the description herself- "rabid
idiotic fringe dwellers".

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