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On Aug 11, 11:35 pm, mbbabu <mahyd2...(a)gmail.com> wrote: I HACK $2500 FROM PAYPAL Athttp://getandeasy.co.cc i have hidden the PAYPAL FORM link in an image. in that website on Right Side below search box, click on image and enter your name and PAYPAL ID. Hey mbbabu, go crawl back under your rock ... 12 Aug 2010 01:45
Hey Ronnie,,,,,,
On Aug 9, 10:07 pm, "Ronnie" <ron...(a)niantictoolinc.com> wrote: Gotta love that kid !!! But keep an eye on him Bear you never know what will come out of his mouth next  ;-D Bear do you really have bugs??  How are you doing my friend?  (it is a good thing I proof read what I type because I had typed... 12 Aug 2010 01:45
8/9/10 update
Hello my friends The Dr. said today that I'm healing nicely and that unless something changes, such as any signs of infection I shouldn't need to see him anymore, just take it easy, (easier said than done), keep the area around the incision clean and covered I should continue to heal up just fine,,, HOWEVER, he al... 11 Aug 2010 22:30
Headache Journal
Hi, I don't know if many of your members keep a headache journal or not but my doc suggested it for me. I write an app for Android powered phones called 'Headache Journal' I am looking for feedback on it if anyone wants to check it out. It is on the Android Market. Thanks for reading! ... 8 Aug 2010 17:51
Assorted one liners, quotes and such
Leave it to you Bear to bring a smile to our faces :-D R "Bear" <bearsbugs(a)yahoo.com> wrote in message news:4f05e47d-ad0a-46c0-b4c9-21fc01cd1f7e(a)t26g2000yqt.googlegroups.com... "With enough trust, pigs fly just fine." That's something that every F-4 Pilot knew well,,,, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~... 8 Aug 2010 16:45
Mood Swings Etc.
Interesting input on several areas from a Dr. at Mayo...and if you need a little giggle, take a good look at the name..;-) ~S http://consults.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/08/04/can-migraines-cause-mood-swings/ ... 10 Aug 2010 03:42
cymbalta anyone?
SO I saw the neuro since things have been worse than normal. He wanted to try Botox but was refused so appealed that and then I never heard anything more. Well at this appointment he looked things over and said apparently insurance hasn;t even responded to the appeal so he will send it again. Meanwhile why don;t... 11 Aug 2010 10:22
Paging Bob Wold, Paging Bob Wold
I hope we can get an update on how you are doing and how your *work* is coming along.. Getting ready for the Nobel Prize yet? for the s'rooms? Ronnie ... 6 Aug 2010 17:07
Worst migraine
Well starting Friday night I developed what I think of as my maybe once a year event, or nightmare. It seemed to be ok and somewhat manageable until Sunday. Terribly ironic is that Sunday I had a part at my house for 12 people, dinner, that was supposed to be outside on the deck. Well we got the four hours o... 4 Aug 2010 16:55
one smart little girl, and a very lucky uncle
That was a wonderful turn out for the uncle.. I commend the little girl... A couple of other stories on that site were sad tho.. Ronnie "Bear" <bearsbugs(a)yahoo.com> wrote in message news:701b6ef1-0a02-40a2-a59d-59caa0ac2f6d(a)v32g2000prd.googlegroups.com... http://www.startribune.com/local/99689084.html ... 4 Aug 2010 12:32
Dawn! How's Bear?
On Jul 24, 2:24 am, "~Sage" <sagelec...(a)my-deja.com> wrote: Hoping you're *in* here somewhere Dawn, please let us know how Bear is doing.  Good thoughts and prayers are with you both. Hugs, ~Sage I want to know too. If Sage hadn't sent me an e-mail I wouldn't know about the emergency surgery yet. ... 4 Aug 2010 18:01
strange happenings (humor)
Bear's back and humor abounds again LOL Have you seen *you know who* around..the young smart @ss ;-) Ronnie "Bear" <bearsbugs(a)yahoo.com> wrote in message news:56a72387-2acb-44cf-97a5-2deb7e194d8d(a)l14g2000yql.googlegroups.com... In a small Midwestern conservative town, a business owner began to cons... 31 Jul 2010 14:01
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