From: Jan Drew on

subject: Retraction of Anatoxin-a

During the last several years, I have
from time to time posted to this and
other newsgroups a file of information
called "An Anatoxin-a Primer." I
now retract the statements made in the
Anatoxin-a Primer.

The Anatoxin-a Primer implied that
Super Blue Green Algae from Klamath
Lake, produced by Cell Tech, contains
anatoxin-a (a neurotoxin I
characterized as addictive), and that
Cell Tech deliberately avoids testing
for this toxin because anatoxin-a is
responsible for the effects reported
by SBGA users. I have since been
advised that Cell Tech conducts
regular tests that would disclose
anatoxin-a, and that this toxin has
never been found in Super Blue Green
Algae. I had no basis for the
suggestions I made in the Anatoxin-a
Primer, and I hereby retract it in

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"Jan Drew" <jdrew63929(a)> wrote in message
> subject: Retraction of Anatoxin-a
> Primer
Janet M. Drew have you ever been half as honorable?