From: Peter Bowditch on
MothWrangler <mothwrangler(a)> wrote:

>Peter Bowditch wrote:
>> schultr(a) (Richard Schultz) wrote:
>>>In article <i1ald4t5mpe49dmsqa50g4amshli636o6g(a)>, Peter Bowditch <myfirstname(a)> wrote:
>>>: schultr(a) (Richard Schultz) wrote:
>>>:>In article <ai5kd4hsgp3grg6aj0dmmtvp136ac2huv4(a)>, Peter Bowditch <myfirstname(a)> wrote:
>>>:>: Annie <SNIFFFThis(a)> wrote:
>>>:>:>What does the name "Prometheus" do for you?
>>>:>: It lights my fire.
>>>:>Are you implying that Debbee wants you to be her Back Door Man?
>>>: The time to hesitate is through and it's time to wallow in the mire.
>>>: (To Debbie - I apologise for the cultural allusions. Both of them.)
>>>Could this be the end, my friend?
>> Eight minutes of pure magic on the Isle of Wight. Who wanted The End
>> to end?
>Well, after all:
>All the children are insane.

The pellets of poison are flooding their waters. It's the mercury and

Peter Bowditch aa #2243
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Australian Skeptics
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From: Annie on
On Sep 25, 2:07 pm, MothWrangler <mothwrang...(a)> wrote:

> I thought men weren't supposed to know about The Back Door Man!

Not to worry, Nancy, you made the top 500 also.

You just as much a low life as your buddy Probert is.
From: Annie on
On Sep 25, 3:26 pm, Peter Bowditch <myfirstn...(a)> wrote:
> Annie <SNIFFFT...(a)> wrote:
> What is my wife's full name?

If you are unsure, why not ask her?
From: Annie on
On Sep 25, 7:07 pm, Mark Probert <mark.prob...(a)> wrote:

> This sounds more and more like your "June Surprise" of several years
> ago. We are still waiting for that to happen.

Your opinion is libelous. Sounds like you are a card carrying member
Janet Drew's LIAR's Club.

Trust me, it is coming.
From: Annie on
On Sep 25, 7:07 pm, Mark Probert <mark.prob...(a)> wrote:

> Hey, that is half of the Auburn, WA phone book. Well, maybe a third.
> Or a quarter.

I *don't* live in Auburn, WA. That's the mailing address. Didn't
your buddy, Frank
tell you that I "don't live" in Auburn.

But your buddy, Frank and his friends Marcia or Jeanne or Oliver or
name the psychopath from hell is using this week, and Hollie Pedersen
the other psychopath from hell have
been here....numerous times.

Every one that has been stalked by the Department of Defense since
1996 that was connected with the old
lawsuits belonging to Paul Revere and the Raiders knows who, what,
where, why, etc. And trust me there
will be Christmas presents for everyone; some might them sooner...

Tell the little Misses to pay her tax warrant on her house.....

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