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"Richard Schultz" <schultr(a)> wrote:

> And here I had been thinking all this time that *everyone* knows what's
> in Room 101.

Which is off topic.
> -----
> Richard Schultz
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"Mark Probert" <mark.probert(a)> wrote in message
On Oct 3, 8:48 pm, "Jan Drew" <jdrew1...(a)> wrote:
> Can't all of you see that Debbee Annie Adams started this thread because
> she
> needs the attention?
> Why do you post repeatedly and fed her?
> Time for this thread to end.


LOL. Poor Mark Seth Probert.

Good point. Let's be kind to her, as she is not well.


Your UDP was nothing but fake. Just like your post filled with lies about
*Jack Reid*.

Sorry, to say, you, Mark Seth Probert are not well either.

From: Peter Bowditch on
"Jan Drew" <jdrew1374(a)> wrote:

>Sorry, Peter. Get a clue this IS alternative.
>NOT a place to laugh at others, tease or have fun.

But laughter is the best medicine, or was Readers' Digest lying to me
for all those years?

>"Peter Bowditch" <myfirstname(a)> wrote in message
>> "Jan Drew" <jdrew1374(a)> wrote:
>>>Can't all of you see that Debbee Annie Adams started this thread because
>>>needs the attention?
>>>Why do you post repeatedly and fed her?
>>>Time for this thread to end.
>> But it's so much fun teasing her and laughing at her paranoia.
>> --
>> Peter Bowditch aa #2243

Peter Bowditch aa #2243
The Millenium Project
Australian Council Against Health Fraud
Australian Skeptics
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From: Annie on
On Oct 3, 4:33 pm, Peter Bowditch <myfirstn...(a)> wrote:

> So you just made it up, as usual. Don't you ever tire of making a fool
> of yourself and of exhibiting your dishonesty?
> By the way, it's now Saturday. What was supposed to happen on Friday
> that didn't happen?
Something happened on Friday alright.
Something happened on Saturday too.
Something is going to happen on Tuesday.
Something is going to happen next Saturday as well.

As for making stuff up -- No, that would be your department, Peter----
and the stories you tell
because someone in your family, I suspect used some more of
alternative health care too late in the game, and
you want the world to believe that all alternative health is hocus

An investigator in Florida called the James Randi Foundation, and was
told that you speak at Skeptics
Group meetings in the United States.

As far as "snipping"---I can snip anything I want-----

As far as dishonesty, absolutely not, I turned over the information to
"people in the know."
As far as you getting the information, you are not on the "need to
know list."

From: Annie on
On Oct 4, 3:10 pm, Peter Bowditch <myfirstn...(a)> wrote:

> Put another way - "See ya in Dallas on the 11th".
> --
> A lot of people are flying into Dallas next weekend.....
going to have a good time too......

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