From: Annie on
On Oct 2, 4:38 pm, Mark Thorson <nos...(a)> wrote:

> By the way, the last batch of paranoia drug you sent us
> seems like it is a little weak.  We're right at the
> limit of how much we can load up her toothbrush.  I'd
> appreciate if you'd double check the quality control
> records on that batch.

By the way how are your friends at the Computer Lab these

And how is Cell Tech?

From: Annie on
On Oct 2, 4:13 pm, Peter Bowditch <myfirstn...(a)> wrote:

> (I may have missed some. I'll see if I can get my dossier from Central
> Filing next week, but the place is closed for some electrical
> maintenance today and Monday is a public holiday.)
> --
They will not help you in this situation.
From: Annie on
On Oct 2, 3:55 pm, Peter Bowditch <myfirstn...(a)> wrote:
> Annie <SNIFFFT...(a)> wrote:
> >On Oct 1, 3:53 pm, Peter Bowditch <myfirstn...(a)> wrote:
> >> Oh, it was a rant.
> >> --
>A >Well, the more I learn about you Peter, coming out of Florida, and
> >Australia,
> >and other places, the more I am learning just what a jerk you are.
> PWell, you'd know all about the finer skills of jerking so I defer to
> the expert.
> >ADon't like the rant, can always leave the room!
> P When was I in Florida? I must have been asleep that day.
Well, according to the James Randi Foundation you've been in Florida
before and
have a connection. I understand that you speak for them in various
venues around
the United States.

As far as "jerking" --- that's all a matter of personal preference ---

From: Annie on
On Oct 2, 12:24 pm, schu...(a) (Richard Schultz) wrote:

> (I'd ask if you were quite sure that the ACS connection you think you found
> was his and not mine, but then I might have to consult your ISP about your
> use of their resources to invade my privacy.  I might also ask what
> connections you think that the ACS has to the government, but then I'd have
> to point out that you have serious problems with your reality-checking
> equipment.)
> -----

For starters it is common knowledge that your late father, had a very
good connection
to the FDA for his work with Pittcon and the American Chemical
Society. Living there in the "Gateway of Hope" and from your
work with chemicals and despising anything alternative, including
acupuncture studies made at the very institute that you are
presently hanging out at, and attacking anyone here that posts
anything positive about alternative health; you are at the very least
a supporter of Big Pharma.

It is common knowledge that Big Pharma, chemical companies and the
Insurance companies are the mafia of today and they
are involved as thick as the "brothers" once were from Italian
families of yesteryear. Let's see you are connected with your third
University==Berkeley, Princeton, and now Bar-Illan. Those
universities are studying alternative health care, and doing research.

If you support research only for chemical based prescription drugs and
conventional medicine; then one has to believe that you
are supportive of the "Plan of 1996" because you obviously (from your
postings) cannot stand anything that comes out of the conventional
And you also support the posters here that have attacked anyone that
posts anything about alternatives that are connected with Quackwatch.

I'm not opposed to pharmaceuticals in the least; I've had plenty of
them in my lifetime; but I am also supportive of people's choices and
whatever works
for them. It's a no brainer if you break your don't march
into the massage therapist and get it fixed; you go to the doctor and
get it set. But
there are alternatives for stress reducers, and pain remedies--- fix
the problem, don't mask it--- and most health plans offer alternatives
-mine does because they know they work.
There is no "magic pill" to make you feel better in either discipline.

From: Richard Schultz on
In article <1oqae4dk47m7jpidigc0g3rkh91fr9f8pi(a)>, Peter Bowditch <myfirstname(a)> wrote:

: I've heard a rumour that the small problem with tracking mobile phones
: has been solved. They will be running a pilot test of the new software
: next week and it is going to be downloaded to all tracked phones in
: Dallas to start with.

When are we going to get the add-on that when you inject anesthetic gas
into the phone at your end, it comes out of the other person's receiver,
thus incapcitating him? After all, that technology was already available
to Victor Buono more than forty years ago. It's time that you guys got
on the ball with these things.

Richard Schultz schultr(a)
Department of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel
Opinions expressed are mine alone, and not those of Bar-Ilan University
"an optimist is a guy/ that has never had/ much experience"
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