From: Annie on
On Oct 2, 4:06 am, schu...(a) (Richard Schultz) wrote:

> Be careful -- next thing you know, she'll want you to touch-a touch-a touch-a
> touch her.
No thanks.....I wouldn't let any of you touch me with a ten foot pole.

From: Annie on
On Sep 30, 6:11 pm, Mark Probert <mark.prob...(a)> wrote:

> I believe that Debbee does this so she can respond and look "smart",
> since she probably realizes that she is semantically challenged.
Here's proof of a Quackwatch "fan"----that posted out in the
I was wrong she says, "99.9%"

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More options Jul 30 1998, 12:00 am
>This is ludicrous--it seems that he has spent a good part of his career
>trying to get
>OUT of that shadow, but now he is trying to jump back in when the money
>to be too good to pass up. I hope this is not the case

The only ludricrous thing that I see is making assumptions based on
This issue is not even being discussed on the AOL message boards (a
usually requires more than 1 person). 99.9% of the board participants
know that
they don't know all the facts, that this doesn't involve them and are
having a
wonderful time (no matter which is their "fav") discussing more fan-
topics. There does seem to be a small group that is determined to
make this an

Now, if 99.9% of the board participants know that they don't know all
of the facts....
what does that tell you.....that they weren't even real fans...ala
Quackwatch.....yee haw!!
Hello Hollywood Hello....

No, the small group that was making it an issue were the fans that
knew the history,
and weren't about to change it to suit the needs of the Quackwatch
connected individuals.

Oh Rah!!

From: Tess on
On Oct 2, 6:26�am, Mark Probert <mark.prob...(a)> wrote:
> On Oct 1, 10:35�pm, Annie <SNIFFFT...(a)> wrote:
> > On Oct 1, 12:11�pm, Mark Thorson <nos...(a)> wrote:

> HOT DOG! You know Frank Furter. Do you know his friends M. Ustard and
> Cole Slaugh?

Wiener Schnitzel
P.Kil Relish
DeMayo Naise

on and on .....
From: Annie on
On Oct 1, 10:17 pm, schu...(a) (Richard Schultz) wrote:

> I'm no doctor, but if someone told me that you were suffering from
> tertiary syphilis, I'd probably say something along the lines of
> "Yeah, that makes sense -- and explains how she can truthfully claim
> not to be suffering from 'mental' illness."

Ofcourse you are no doctor, and this borders on libel...does it
even to suggest such a notion.

The problem that Quackwatch connected individuals have with me,
is I have a brain, and I know how to research. I've had my head in
public records for quite some time now, looking at various other

In looking at the case with Aetna; and researching, there was a
Richard Schultz of
Israel that borrowed the device from Bob Jones. Do you know of
another Richard Schultz
of Israel or do you think someone was attempting to impersonate you?

From: Richard Schultz on
In article <4a0f9957-071f-45f4-9301-b2dd07211621(a)>, Annie <SNIFFFThis(a)> wrote:
: On Oct 2, 1:02?am, schu...(a) (Richard Schultz) wrote:

:> You have been posting what you believe to be details of my personal life
:> and of my family, and yet you can't find a photograph of me on the net?
:> That's hilarious (although it probably answers the question about your
:> mental competence (q.v.)).

: I know exactly what you look like;

That's not what you said previously.

: and it would appear you find your
: thrill... on Squirrel one point in your life.

I don't suppose that there is any use in pointing out that that made
no sense whatsoever.

: Your connections to Quackwatch are a little different...and those
: associated with it are a little different.....

I have no connections to Quackwatch. If I have any connection to anyone
associated with it, then the connection has nothing to do with that person's
association with Quackwatch.

: But the connections to government agencies in your family are strong
: and important to Quackwatch.

Quackwatch must be cleverer than I thought, since no one in my family ever
thought to tell *me* about their "strong" connections to government
agencies. Maybe someone from Quackwatch could clue me in on what Debbee
is talking about.

Richard Schultz schultr(a)
Department of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel
Opinions expressed are mine alone, and not those of Bar-Ilan University
"It's certainly easy to mock things," agreed Trefusis. "Oddly enough
though I've never found it easy to mock anything of value. Only things
that are tawdry and fatuous -- perhaps it's just me."
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