From: Jan Drew on

"Annie" <SNIFFFThis(a)> wrote in message
On Sep 30, 12:17 pm, Peter Bowditch <myfirstn...(a)> wrote:

> As your email address invites people to "sniff this", perhaps your
> choice of "medication" is taken through the nose.
> --

Spay Neuter Its For Furry Friends. --- This

In order words I support animal population control.
Got the picture, or are you a Grateful Dead Fan, and need me to draw
you a picture.

If it was "SNIFF" ----(which it is not) you might be able to add
something bizarre to it.
It was spelled this way on purpose.

No. it is not It is spelled SNIFFF

From: Jan Drew on

"Mark Probert" <mark.probert(a)> wrote in message
On Sep 30, 12:53 am, Peter Bowditch <myfirstn...(a)> wrote:
> Annie <SNIFFFT...(a)> wrote:
> >On Sep 29, 7:02 pm, Peter Bowditch <myfirstn...(a)> wrote:
> >> But you called me a liar three times for suggesting that you knew
> >> them. You really should try to keep track of what you say, or is your
> >> continual snipping of all context when you reply an indication of the
> >> way your memory works?
> >I'm dedicating songs to you, and the rest of your friends here that in
> >my
> >ever so humble opinion fit your agenda.
> >Quackwatch supports here's Mothers Little
> >Helper.....
> And again you snip all context before replying. Is this some sort of
> mental disorder, or do you just lack any sense of good manners?

I believe that Debbee does this so she can respond and look "smart",
since she probably realizes that she is semantically challenged.

So, that would apply to you.

> Restoring context - Debbie accused me three times of lying that she
> had a connection to Paul Revere and the Raiders and then told me that
> she did have a connection.

Typical of her antics.

What it your excuse?

From: Annie on
On Oct 1, 6:15 pm, Peter Bowditch <myfirstn...(a)> wrote:

> So you did have some sort of relationship with Paul Revere and the
> Raiders.
we are friends--don't see each other all of the time, and like normal
friends do
just leave off where we last saw each other...

but we always know how to reach each other.....

How about you.....what was your relationship in all of this Paul
Revere and the
Raider lawsuits----did you host Mark Lindsay in Aussieland? I know he
a lot to the cities where a lot of the Quackwatch team supported his
and got him some great media coverage.

It was nice to see him working again.....what happened....and why is
he not out
there performing still?

From: Annie on
On Oct 1, 3:53 pm, Peter Bowditch <myfirstn...(a)> wrote:

> Oh, it was a rant.
> --
Well, the more I learn about you Peter, coming out of Florida, and
and other places, the more I am learning just what a jerk you are.

Don't like the rant, can always leave the room!

From: Annie on
On Oct 1, 3:59 pm, Peter Bowditch <myfirstn...(a)> wrote:

> Keep it up, Debbee. The monitors like the laughs.

The newsgroups are not "OWNED" by those that are connected to the
Quackwatch Brat Pack, Peter. You all just think they are.
I'd say "act your emotional age" but if you did you would not be
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