From: Annie on
On Sep 28, 7:51 am, Martin <idontwan...(a)> wrote:

> Are you The Great Cornholio?

No Beavis, I am not.

From: Annie on
On Sep 27, 8:05 pm, Mark Probert <mark.prob...(a)> wrote:

> Post your proof. If you don't, you are a liar.

Who exactly is LYING, Mr. Probert.

From: Annie on
On Sep 27, 8:02 pm, Mark Probert <mark.prob...(a)> wrote:

> Quite true. Debbee has completely lost "it", what "it" is.

Haven't lost it----said I was going to the family reunion-----it just
happens to be in "Dallas".....
South Fork Ranch - Parker, TX

I'd invite you to come but only "family" is welcome.

From: Tess on
On Sep 28, 2:08�am, Annie <SNIFFFT...(a)> wrote:
> On Sep 27, 9:52�pm, schu...(a) (Richard Schultz) wrote:
> > I'd ask for your evidence that the conspiracy involves 57 people, but I
> > believe that it was established by the very first cultural allusion that
> > went over your head that you have no idea who Angela Lansbury is. �Now if
> > you knew who Laurence Harvey was, you'd have another piece of the puzzle.
> >Laurence Harvey was Domino's father. �Domino was a bounty hunter..
> Angela Lansbury--Murder She Wrote - Mame.

Harvey, daughter of the late British actor Laurence Harvey and
supermodel Paulene Stone, had led a tormented, eccentric existence.
She ran a London dance club, worked as a ranch hand in San Diego, then
became a "bail recovery agent," hunting fugitives and carrying a
shotgun she called Betsy.

A statuesque, 5-foot-9 blond, she seemed addicted to excitement, to
adrenaline, as much as to cocaine and heroin.

Angela Lansbury was british born came to the US with Mother, twin
younger brothers during the the last blitzkrieg in England. She became
a US citizen in 1951, many of her extended family were politically
connected in England.

Her movie bio is extensive and she started as the "other woman" in
many of her "starter" movies... Her appearence with Judy Garland in
the "HARVEY GIRLS" was one of the first "CAT" fights, (between Judy
and Angela).

SHE played Elvis's mother in Blue Hawaii, (her southern accent was
awfully thick, and would fade every now and then and become a little
British clipped)

But don't see any CLUE and/or connection to Laurence Harvey or his
Daughter, unless you want to go to the stretch of Harvey Girls movie
and His Daughter (a "HARVEY" girl)

Don't know if either have "homeopathic" connections to anything.
But then again that type of choice is clearly personnal, and is no
one's business but the user, and if Chemical companies and/or
supporters of said companies have a problem then that is on them.
They get enough kick back from doctors, hospital and clinics by
prescribing drugs, plus the $$ they make on the prescriptions

IMHO, I feel that there is enough chemical imbalance in environment
that we asborb on a daily basis that we have no control over, so if
one chooses to use alternative treatments then GO FOR IT. The human
body can only take so much and then it starts it's own rebellion.
My gosh, I listen to those Drug commercials on television, and the
side effects alone would be enough of a deterrment to not use the
stuff. Blod clots, losing sight, bowel impairment, kidney,liver
damage, heart attack.....who in their sensible mind would even
entertain the idea of putting something in their body that would cause
ANY of the above.

If this Quackwatch company/business is supporting/endorsing the
production and distribution of drugs/prescriptions that cause physical
damage to people who are looking for a solution/cure, they have that
right as being a business But that does not give them the right to
resort to persue those who choose to use other options in a negative
manner. I am sure that they make enough money to keep them solvent,
otherwise they would not be in the business they are. But if not,
then find other sources to increase their cash flow, instead of
attacking people on a personal or business level.
This is a America, it is in the Constitution that states that we have
the right to "....LIFE, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness", and
however people choose to treat what ever medical distress that we
acquire, we have the right to seek treatment that we feel is best for

From: Richard Schultz on
In article <8eb932aa-d4ed-4292-a4dc-a3d012b722b0(a)>, Annie <SNIFFFThis(a)> wrote:
: On Sep 28, 1:25?am, schu...(a) (Richard Schultz) wrote:

:> : Laurence Harvey was Domino's father. ?Domino was a bounty hunter.
:> : Angela Lansbury--Murder She Wrote - Mame.

:> My point exactly.

: Are you threatening me?

If you had not done your usual thing of removing my comments from their
context, you would have realized that the point I was making is that you
don't know who Angela Lansbury is (or why I brought her up particularly),
or who Laurence Harvey was (besides one fact found in the trivia section of
his IMDb entry) -- or why I brought *him* up particularly.

Or is your post to be taken as an admission that you have done something
in which a bounty hunter might be interested? (Unlike you, I have no
interest in the personal lives of Usenet posters; and, unlike you, if I
*did* have such an interest, I would at least take the trouble to post
*accurate* accounts of their personal lives.)

Richard Schultz schultr(a)
Department of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel
Opinions expressed are mine alone, and not those of Bar-Ilan University
"You don't even have a clue about which clue you're missing."
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