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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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> When I logged on today I found posts from Rod and Trig that I had
> hoped to see from some people for a long time.
> I have disagreed with both Rod and Trig on occasion, but both have
> been honest and forthright. Neither have resorted to personal attacks,
> and our disagreements have been intellectual rather than personal. I
> deeply respect this.

Trig has on several occasions, I consider it part of the Usenet.

> In the spirit of the season, and to honor their good work, I am
> herewith declaring a cease fire for the holiday season, to start
> immediately, and to end on January 2, 2010. I hope that this cease
> fire is not just one sided.
> Mind you, on December 26, 1968, during the Xmas cease fire in Vietnam,
> my best friend was killed by a sniper, and I was wounded. I will not
> suffer violation of the cease fire in silence.

I have mixed feelings, once burnt twice shy.
I'd rather be a watchman with a long 50.
sending LD silent nights for peace and good will to the reprobates.