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How to Clean Tear Stains On a Dog

Tear staining is a common problem in dogs. Excessive tearing causes
moisture in the hair around the eyes, making it an ideal home for
bacteria. This bacterium is responsible for the darkening under the
eyes. With relevant knowledge, you can remove stains quickly and

Step 1: Mix the milk and peroxide of magnesium together in a bowl. Add
two drops of Nexxus Keraphix, to help prevent the skin from drying

Step 2:add a little cornstarch at the time. Toss the mixture together
every time you add the corn starch. You should use just enough so that
it makes a paste. You do not need a tablespoon of starch.

Step 3: Apply the paste to the tear stains using a cotton swab.
Generous sum paste should be used to completely cover each seat. Let
the dough rest and dry day.

Step 4: Wash paste Off the next morning. Dry dog person.

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