From: Mark STANLEY Probert on
On Aug 12, 3:10 pm, Linda <indomitab...(a)> wrote:
> How the United States Military Destroys the Lives of US Soldiers Who
> Try to Tell the Truth
> As the second born child of an American Johnny who came a-marching
> home from his service to his country during the Korean War a-carrying
> tales about his having been zapped by a bioweapon presumably weilded
> by one of the Nazi War Criminals whom Prescott Bush,  Herbert Walker,
> Allen Dulles and other American WW II Traitors had Richard Milhouse
> Nixon smuggle into the United States and install in Fort Detrick,
> Edgewood Arsenal,  and other US Army Bases,  as well as,  80 + corrupt
> American and Canadian Universities,   my life from the cradle to my
> now being at death's door 54 years later is nothing if not a 54 year
> long testament to the fact that the US Military doesn't merely destroy
> the lives of any and all US Soldiers who demonstrate they possess a
> consciencee,  but, also destroys the lives of such soldiers babies,
> grandbabies,  and great-grandbabies,  too.
> Linda Gore
> Las Vegas,  Nevada

Poor Linda. Over exposed to Bozone.

Bozone (n.): The substance surrounding people obsessed with a
mistaken idea
that stops reality from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately,
little sign of breaking down in the near future