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Mark Probert wrote:
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> > aga, great job!!!
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> > Why Did "Aids Baby" Eliza Jane Really Die?
> >
> > We interview pathologist Dr. Mohammed al-Bayati who has just authored a
> > report revealing that the child died of anaphylactic reaction to a
> > prescribed antibiotic, and we speak also Dr. Andrew Maniotis from the
> > University of Illinois at Chicago.
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> AIDS baby Eilza Jane was infected by her mother when she breast fed her,
> and died as the result of AIDS related pneumonia. al-Bayati's report,
> when compared to the Medical Examiner's report, is shown to have several
> significant misrepresentations.

And according to Bennett, al-Bayati isn't above outright lying:

"Al-Bayati says that such controls were not performed. It is
interesting to note that he quotes VERBATIM from the section which
mentions the use of controls but DELETED all reference to the use of


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alexr wrote:
> Which are..? please continue Mark...
>'s claims, then compare them to what the ME's report
actually says...then apply what the ME's report actually says to
al-Bayati's claims and you cannot escape the conclusion that Eliza died
of AIDS related pneumonia.

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Read... compared...applied... Can't come to a different from
al-Bayatis's conclusion.

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To be honest I don't feel comfortable discussing her case as I am not a
doctor. All I am is an individual who chooses to take matters in his
own hands.

If you are actually interested in medical error statistics just google

The above site comes one of the first.

There is plenty of evidence on the internet that alternative methods
work and work well. Long before the internet became common place, more
10 years ago in Russia I came across a book by Malahov (in russian)
that gave almost exactly the same reciepe as Clark's. He wrote a series
of books that explore wholistic approach to heath and I have had great
sucess following his advice ever since I started 2 years ago.

In russia by the way there is no alternative medicine. Alternative is
refered to as "Traditional". And there is "Official", that's the one
that never makes any mistakes and is always right.

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alexr wrote:
> Read... compared...applied... Can't come to a different from
> al-Bayatis's conclusion.

If you'll forgive my saying so, or indeed if you won't, bollocks.

Perhaps, if you are willing to discount al-Bayati's association with
Maggiore's group "Alive and Well", and have reason to believe
al-Bayati's conclusions in a field he is not competent to comment on
are reliable, you could rebut some of the points made in Bennett's
article at: