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>>>Good-Bye Germ Theory by Dr. William Trebing
>> "Dr" Trebing appears to be a jobbing chiropractor who believes in
>> "applied kinesiology" and the activator method , a commercial
>> diagnostic and treatment system based on the belief that differences
>> in leg length indicate the need for spinal adjustments.(Please ask
>> about your health insurance coverage when you arrange your first
>> visit.)
>> How likely is it do you think that he really has any idea (other than
>> financial) about the subject of his book?
> and you allopaths have a clue about disease theory, having only cured
> bacterial infections?
> and save us the financial spiel, seeing as you lot turn over trillions
> every year

Thanks to your lot for worsening conditions for the sick and diseased
that makes it that much more difficult to correct the condition.
Sometimes it has gone on far too long and now is totally irreversible
making it far too costly for even the very wealthy. We should thank you
for the trillions? No, we should damn you.

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> "According to a survey made in 1946 regarding the percentage of polio
> recoveries under the various methods of healing we have this
> interesting report: 91 % to 100% recover under certain Chiropractic
> treatment-(not all chiropractors understand this method), 97% to 100%
> recover under correct Hygienic treatment, 72% under Nurse Kenny
> treatment, 35% recover with no professional care, 17% under medical
> care."----Eleanor McBean

In 1959, an article in the Journal of the National Chiropractic
Association disagreed with the surgeon general:

"The test tube fight against polio has failed....The death rate has
increased among children who have been vaccinated....There is no vaccine
against fatigue or a traumatic lesion in the anterior cord or motor
cells....In the mild, and especially in the more acute, chiropractic is
supreme. Adjustments of the entire spine will break up the cord
congestion, if given within the 3 days of grace given by Nature.
Chiropractic aids Nature....The fatigue of acute polio can be caused by
other factors, such as whooping cough and smallpox vaccines. The latter
can cause vaccinosyphilis in the pure blood of children."

Encouraged by the leadership of the chiropractic profession,
chiropractors advertised chiropractic adjustments as a method of
treating and preventing polio, recommending "early treatment before it
is too late." A chiropractic organization called We Walk Again
proclaimed that maximum recovery from polio was found only in
chiropractic .

Time and science have proven chiropractors wrong. Today, thanks to the
use of vaccination, polio has been nearly eradicated: "The present rate
of polio is less than one hundredth its lowest level before oral
immunization programs began, and public health officials have predicted
worldwide eradication by the year 2000." Immunization is one of the most
successful public health measures ever put into effect and is
responsible for the control or eradication of such deadly communicable
diseases as smallpox, polio, diphtheria, and whooping cough.

end quote.

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> Scopie's Law is not a logical fallacy.


Keep em coming

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> Scopie's Law is not a logical fallacy.

Oh, tell us how it isn't, that should raise a few laughs

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On Fri, 1 Jan 2010 00:44:27 -0000, "john" <nospam(a)> wrote:
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>> On Thu, 31 Dec 2009 19:28:59 -0000, "john" <nospam(a)> wrote:
>>>"According to a survey made in 1946
>> Would that have been a "survey" carried out one lunchtime by a
>> chiropractor by any chance, or possibly one which came to McBean in a
>> trance?
>Cured polio which was more than you allopaths could do, apart fromt he fact
>you were mostly causing it

There is no evidence that any bonewaggler has ever cured a single case
of Polio. Your claim seems to be based upon a "survey" in 1946 yet
you are unable to identify this survey, name who carried it out or
produce a copy. The only "source" appears to this one quote from a
discredited naturopath with an apparently fake degree.

>She was right though

I suspect the only thing she was ever right about was the amount in
her bank account.

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