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Kofi wrote:
> The FDA suspended manufacture of leucovorin (folinic acid) due to
> quality issues in early March and since then, I've been off it and doing
> rather poorly. Supposedly production has resumed, but I've only been
> able to get one bottle. It's lasted about a week. Since folinic acid
> has become key in a number of chemotherapies, its availability may
> remain limited for a while.
> Now that I'm back on it, it's like somebody turned on the vitamin D
> spigot again. The results have been so dramatic it prompted me to dig
> deeper. It turns out regulatory T-cells have folic acid receptors [PMID
> 17613255] and certain autoimmune patients and low-functioning autistics
> [PMID 18461502] generate autoantibodies against folic acid receptors -
> quite possibly as the aftereffect of clearing out a viral infection or a
> cancer that trained B-cells to target the receptor.
> If these folic acid receptor antibodies are numerous enough, they can
> block entry of folic acid into the central nervous system. The receptor
> is necessary for folic acid to cross the blood-brain barrier. A patient
> with normal serum folic acid levels might actually be deficient in the
> CNS which would only show up in a tap - a procedure doctors rarely
> perform.
> It also turns out that low folic acid levels lead to higher vitamin D3
> catabolism [PMID 19450178] so if the CNS is deficient in folic acid,
> vitamin D3 isn't going to function properly - leading to a drop in redox
> capacity (e.g., low glutathione)/metals detoxification/neurogenesis,
> loss of antiviral functions/cathelicidin, increased cancer risk and
> probably autoimmune issues as well. But it's going to be invisible to
> anybody checking strict serum levels. It makes me wonder if certain
> vital infections don't deliberately stir up anti-folic acid receptor
> antibodies to block the antiviral effects of vitamin D3 within the
> nervous system itself.
> The upside, though, is that supplementing with folinic acid shots or a
> high dose oral folic acid seems to restore CNS levels [PMID 19260931].
> Folic acid per se may stimulate Tregs even if patients don't have a
> deficiency (which probably accounts for why tumors use folic acid and
> are vulnerable to these antibodies). This may mean folic acid is a good
> general treatment for autoimmune disorders.
> Serum folic acid in general can be affected by autoimmune diseases. In
> Celiac disease, the levels of transglutaminase antibodies seem inversely
> correlated to serum folic acid levels [PMID 15861017, 17190764]. Given
> how a serum drop would affect body-wide vitamin D3 levels and the
> chemopreventative role of D3, this may be one reason bowel cancer risk
> goes up in some of these autoimmune diseases. Since estrogen helps
> stimulate expression of the VDR, this may be a set of factors explaining
> why bowel cancer is more common in men [PMID 19450178].
> These folate receptor antibodies may be a cause of subfertility risk in
> women [PMID 18950755]. They have been associated with high milk
> consumption [PMID 19282368] and a milk-free diet can help reduce the
> autoantibodies [PMID 18355335]. Given the role opioids play regulating
> antibody production in B-cells [PMID 18387505], I have to wonder if this
> cross-reaction to folate receptors caused by consuming cow's milk might
> stem from the molecular similarities between the casein in milk and
> opioids.
> Given that my folinic acid supply will be sporadic for a while, does
> anybody know where I can find an inexpensive, high dose folate
> supplement - somewhere on the order of 10mg a day?

A scale scale is needed to measure this out. The product is mixed with
TMG (10% folic acid, 90% TMG) so a dose of 100 mg will give you 10 mg of
folic acid. You get 3 grams of folic acid for only $4 USD or 300 doses
at the 10 mg/daily you're interested in.

Also, look up l-methylfolate. There are prescription combinations that
have this ingredient. It used to be over the counter since it is found
naturally but somehow someone got a use patient or thereabouts and
pulled the stuff a couple of years ago.



Pramesh Rutaji

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