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> > Given that my folinic acid supply will be sporadic for a while, does
> > anybody know where I can find an inexpensive, high dose folate
> > supplement - somewhere on the order of 10mg a day?
> At that dose of folinic acid, do you have a correspondingly high dose
> of B12? May I ask what form and how much? Thanks.
> StephenB

My folinic acid is trickling into my compounding pharmacist now. Thanks
for all the suggestions.

My daily injections:

methyl-B12 (methyl-cobalamin); 25mg/ml; 0.04ml nightly (for 1mg)

leucovorin/folinic acid/5-formyl tetrahydrofolate; 50mg vials
reconstituted every three days in 2ml bacteriostatic water; one shot per
day of about 16.7mg in 0.6ml