From: Koos Nolst Trenite on
Fine Particle Physics and the Mathison-Trenite Life Energy Fluctuation
Meter (LEF Meter) - PART TWO

13 September 2009
{FPP 20090913-draft-V1.0-p2}

(DRAFT Part Two,
issued on 18 Oct 2009)



The art of Leonardo Da Vinci, and the music of Bach and Mozart,
are as priceless in Beauty, as are the value and vitality of
caring knowledge and the 'wisdom shaping future' of the Human
Rights Issues - borne as all these are, from the same spirit or
Soul. This issue, on 'Fine Particle Physics' (FPP) is part of
the Human Rights Issues.

I am endowed with so vast an amount of Spiritual Intelligence
(defined as having that much love for people, as - with love of
people motivating the intention and feeding the ability - to
seek out and connect to those data, that are the necessary and
the most vital to the subject or to the goal to achieve), so,
that I have regained the necessary understanding

so far ABOVE current "science" in all its areas, including also
the philosophies and religions of East and West, and of North
and South, that I am inconceivably FAR above those who are now
collectively seen as "Academia," or as "Nobel-Prizemia" if you
like to be more expressive,

in describing the global "science" community which floats on
the highest COMMON level of their intelligence (which is too
Insane and too much captive in malice, to describe it without
nausea) with their uncanny belief about themselves and about
their "sciences" "being scientific,"

because in their "sciences," they omit about ninety percent of
the AVAILABLE and VITAL data from ACTUAL Science - and the
remaining ten percent data they DO teach, learn and use, of
that half is wrong data or is reversing actual Science).



Thus a demanding burden of actual social understanding is put on
you - your (of course Spiritual) Intelligence has to be present
to some noticeable extent, which is when you can re-establish or
even maintain a good enough (sensible, spiritually sensing)
connection to yourself, to your own Soul, and to others as well
- and to me of course, as I am the author of what you read now -
for you to actually be able to study the following data,

with my vague and not entirely unfounded hope about you, that
you might possibly USE these data (or do show it to someone
else who will be using it),

a use that will vastly increase our Sanity, and will increase
all that goes with such (vast, true) Sanity - Sanity being a
very rare quality and commodity on Earth indeed, and though it
is more scarce than diamonds are, Sanity is rarely valued, and
even more rarely sought - with the result, that 'only you and I
have it.'



(continued from PART ONE)


By KNOWING HOW IT WORKS, you can clean it out and you can
prevent the accumulation of inflicted Harmful Energy, and
immediately repair or undo the sudden hits by Criminal Minds,
that would otherwise make you uneasy or even faint, and that
would normally make your body sick, also sick "from getting

THEREFORE Criminal Minds are very carefully PREVENTING you from
KNOWING how it works, or even THAT (the) Life Energy (they
inflict) exists at all: "Bricks do not exist," so anyone hit and
damaged by bricks thrown, "inflicted it onto himself, somehow,"
by standing in the cold wind, etc., or "the body" - with its
marvelous immune and self-repair ability - "developed illness
out of thin air," or "because your body is living."

It is really not funny at all, how STUPID you have let yourself
be made and kept - including those who are supposed to take care
of you in case of accident or illness befalling you. How stupid
can you get? How malicious do you allow others to be?

How much do you pay people TO DESTROY and KEEP DESTROYED your
own health, and that of those you love?

I just read about the untimely death in 1992, of soprano Arleen
Auger, whom, the faithful reader can imagine, lies very close to
my musical heart.

The licensed medical doctors "cured" her by cutting out a
malformation in her brain, three times, INSTEAD OF HEALING HER,
and indeed she died soon after their very lucrative "treatment"
of her.

That is not illegal, in the 'medical world.' Their - the
arrogantly repulsive and highly paid, licensed charlatans' and
quacks' - ability to wield a sterile knife and anesthetic drugs,
"proves" that "they can heal."

They - like Criminal Minds - have everything in reverse: In
'medical world' it is "illegal," meaning 'malpractice' to NOT
'cut her up and cause her death by severe negligence.' Would you
believe it...

Well, could you simply admit that truth, even if only admitting
it to yourself? Or would acknowledging that much legally
sanctioned evil collapse your desire to face evil altogether?
Would you rather be a spiritually Drugged, harmful idiot? You
are already the latter, also if you have not the honesty to
admit it, so, the choice is not difficult to consider a change -
not a 'change' into MORE Drug Energy, but LESS moronic and LESS
harmful to others and to yourself, by finding and OPPOSING
Criminal Minds - close their BIG mouth and open your small and
modest and caring mouth, for a change.

Indeed, medical "science" and current theoretical physics, are
entirely dominated by Criminal Minds, "having treated you to a
'Big Bang' and 'Evolution since billions of years'," so they
say, with copious and residual infliction of the Drug Energies
to make you accept THEIR fairy tales of "physics," "astronomy,"
and "biology" and "medicine."


They even oppose health and healing by a diet that does not
disturb but supports the natural healing capacity of the body,
also called its 'immune system.' And when your body has an
active 'immune system,' as you call it, then it, your body, is
of course much less susceptible to being ruined by Criminal
Minds with their Harmful Life Energy projections.

And you assume correctly, that Criminal Minds do not stop with
creating and projecting their Harmful Life Energy PARTICLES onto
you, 'just because you are eating a health-supporting diet,' or
because you eat 'kosher' or 'halal,' as they call the same thing
by Jewish or Islamic custom or its "religious" rules.

When they don't want you to understand it, it is suddenly called

And other things - explained in Fine Particle Physics - THEY DO
NOT WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND AT ALL, but call 'miracles,' 'divine
intervention,' 'the grace or the wrath of God,' etc., INSTEAD OF

And "science" wants you to understand it even less, by simply
telling you "it does not exist."

If they want you to believe that something "does not exist,"
then Criminal Minds call it "science."

So we still have to have religion around, to remind us of those
things that "science" tells you "do not exist" - most
ridiculously, and very maliciously too, and actionable before
any court of law - for telling you, that things MOST VITAL FOR
YOUR WELL-BEING AND HEALTH, "do not exist." *(n)(n)[Licensed
Medical Doctor series][etc.]


But also a healthy body does not protect your soul from being
hit, and the vitality of your soul ultimately monitors how well,
or how badly, you spiritually (with your own health-advancing
Energies) take care of your body's ability to repair itself from
the continuous Earthly onslaught of, and specific hits with, the
Harmful Life Energies from Criminal Minds. (The main Harmful
Energies, as the faithful reader knows, being Drug-Energy,
Ugliness-Energy, Unconsciousness-Energy, and Hate-Pain-Energy



things out somewhat and you can quite well prevent the
accumulation of, and remedy also sudden hits with Harmful Life
Energies, prevent these from making you or your body sick (as in
all kind of sudden, or slowly developing, medical conditions):

Thus the SENSITIVE ENOUGH Life Energy Fluctuation meter does
serve as 'spectacles for your eyes to see sharply' - as your
'night goggles,' as your 'microscope,' as your 'telescope' as
well, or in a more primitive comparison, it is like your "fever
thermometer" or your "blood pressure meter."

Most people have been spiritually beaten into submission - (they
are already 'Islamic' in spirit, so to speak, the word Islam
meaning 'Submission,' submission to Criminal Minds, in practice,
submission of much of one's Love and other Connection and
Perception Life Energy, by being dominated into a social
framework of not seeing Criminal Minds in the group, which is
not unlike Christianity did in the Middle Ages, while Buddhism
and Hinduism are far MORE sophisticated in preventing Criminal
Minds and Harmful Life Energy from being seen at all) - in such
a way, that

'ONE DOES NOT WANT TO KNOW things, actually,' because they have
'learned the hard way,' in school, or even in university, that
"there are many things you must not know or ask or look at,"

if you would look, you incur the ire, the wrath, or ridicule
from Criminal Minds, who "do not exist" and whom you thereby
simply are forbidden to look at or to mention - certainly not
in the educational environment, but also not in the medical
sphere, and not in the news about 'hardliners,' not even in
comedy shows where you may laugh about them, and not in pop
concerts where you may admire them,

Criminal Minds performing for you, with "Love is the Answer,"
and spouting their "philosophies" about Peace, about Charity,
about Global Politics, etc. etc.:

"Criminal Minds do not exist," "Life Energy does not exist," and
you, the soul, "does not exist" - in "science" that is. That, by
the way, is described in 'The Mafia Code Against Mankind.' *(n)

And instead, people take street drugs "to be allowed, or to
experience anyway," that what "does not exist" in 'science,' not
even in medical 'science,' or in the Licensed Medical 'religion'
really, and I would say you are - by

omitting about ninety percent of AVAILABLE and basic and vital
data from the education that you get, and that you give to
others - (by that omission, complying with Criminal Minds, you
are) purely malicious and destructive to people, to children,
and to their lives, including to your own life and your own
children. You are so dominated by Criminal Minds...


You "may ONLY" look at, or sense those things and those
intentions and those thoughts and that past of people, that "one
is allowed to look at," that is not met with too violently an
opposition to being looked at and sensed.

You do not know how perception works, so they - Criminal Minds -
can actually ENFORCE this by means of their Harmful (Drugging
Euphoria, Repelling Ugliness, Blind Unconsciousness, and
Terrorizing Pain and Hate, which are PARTICLES, also called)
Life Energies:

You "may look at" what you are "allowed to look at AND to find
out about." That is not just an idea, but it is actuality, it is
real life, also for you - as those commands are in fact enforced
by the Energy, by the commanding force of Harmful Life Energies,
and that since ages already, accumulatively.

And perception is blocked by their Harmful Life Energies, so
that 'you may look at' what you are "allowed to look at, and to
find out about." And then they tell you, that "perception ONLY
consists of photons and vibrating air hitting your brain via
some nerve channels." And you believe those - extremely harmful,
utterly depressing and debilitating, illness producing - fairy


It, of course, does VIOLATE the very definition and action of
FINDING OUT about someone and something, it destroys the very
foundations of justice, and of science. Yet the whole society,
and "science," is dominated by Criminal Minds, in that way.
Teachers and professors teach, what you are supposed to know,
while they SHOULD be coaches, to kindle your desire to look and

EVEN THEN, when looking with the aid of the meter, people are
(taught by Criminal Minds, and) told to stop looking, as soon as
"the meter tells them" - that "they have achieved their goal of
'looking till they feel fine and no longer disturbed about
something or someone'," OR that "the matter is too disturbing to
look at" - so they "must stop looking at it, because it would
only get more disturbing to them."

Meaning: "You have finished looking" when the meter either shows
the signal pattern, that goes with Euphoric, Mentally Drugged
Bliss, of "nobody can touch me" and with "all is so peaceful" -
a smooth slow rising and falling signal pattern - which is a
time you really have to START looking, because now someone is
'Drugging you over' in order to make you NOT look further or
understand enough: "All is fine, now."

Or on the very opposite side, "you must not look at
this," when it shows the signal (very choppy, wildly fluctuating
signal) of the threat of spiritual (and bodily) death being
inflicted (of torture and torment of your spirit and maybe also
of your body) - which has the wildly slashing signal pattern of
Agony about Life, that occurs when you are sensing the Harmful
Life Energy Particles of someone's intention to destroy (your or
someone else's) life, and WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to
look at, of course... '

On the other hand, there is the other major action of Criminal
Minds, which motivates them even more, and that is TO SUCK, PULL
OR SMASH Life Energy Particles away. This makes them alive and
able and liked by people, who mistake the stolen Life Energies,
for the Criminal Mind's own. This causes TREMENDOUS social and
relational PROBLEMS, as you will know.

Just the sucking away of your Joy of Life Energy and of your
Awareness Energy, has DIRE consequences. You know when you
suddenly feel Tired, or when you get spells of 'short term'
memory laps, or generally lost your awareness of pleasure in

The severe victim, classified by medical "science" as 'having
Alzheimer's disease,' the victim is of course prone to be
irritable and to level false accusations at you or others,
because the Criminal Mind who pulled and keeps pulling away the
victim's (your) Energy for Awareness (which includes the Energy
to retain or recall Awareness of what was, which you call
memories after some time has passed) - the Criminal Mind is not
identified, who pulls away the victim's (your) Energy of
Awareness, so you get very upset,

and - with medical "science" being what it is - you get
misdirected continuously as to who or what caused your
miserable feelings and debilitating theft of your Life
Energies, including the Awareness of your memories, and of your
future, of your goals for life, that is. So you lose the ones
you love most, to Criminal Minds who devastate (destroy the
mind and body of) those you love and who love you. That is not
a pleasant thing to find out, so people rather stay in fairy
land, in medical "science" - dwelling in which, is of course
not a sign of love for those you love, at all.


Most do NOT WANT TO KNOW things, actually - their goal is
rather, for instance, to create and to maintain the FEELING
about themselves, that "they know things," and (with the Energy
of their pretense) to get acceptance from others, from the
group, for their "knowing things," for their "being

Many Criminal Minds do try to gain "acceptance" as gurus or as
"spiritual experts," which is not difficult as people are
spiritually blind and entirely falsely educated too. And the
"experts" on the meter, did not even (and still do not) know
about Life Energy Particles, because - according to Criminal
Minds - "Life Energies do not exist."

"Life does not even exist," really is what they claim: You, your
Energies and your soul, "do not exist" - which current medical
"science" not only claims but also works with (and also the
quarterly magazine of my health-insurance company, touting
'their goal to keep people healthy'),

a denial of the soul and of Life Energy itself, while they are
inspired by and following the very soul and the very Life
Energies of the most renowned scientists of their time - the
French gentlemen called Descartes (about 1650), and Lavoisier
(about 1780), in Europe. Theirs is not merely an insult of the
severest kind, to you, to anyone, but it is ALSO highly
destructive to your health - to your social, bodily, and
spiritual health, to your functioning and longevity.

Such people claim, that ideas voiced "can not harm," that "Words
do not hurt," that "Words are not sticks and stones" - thereby
they are in fact denying the existence of Harmful Life Energies,
ideas or thoughts being Life Energy Particles, too.

And those Energies inflicted and not recognized as such, do
however bring about most of your illnesses and ALL of your or
someone else's disorders, and much more so than 'sticks or
stones' could ever inflict.

you should not understand your soul and your vital Life
Energies, much less do they want you to detect THEIR Harmful
Energies, and their sucking away and using YOUR Life, you Life
consisting of all your Life Energies (abilities, feelings,
perceptions, awareness, memories, and the desires to thus be
connected with Life, are all Life Energies): Criminal Minds do
want you NOT to understand Life - including the intention and
the reverse nature of THEIR soul - they WANT you to suffer and
to be dominated and eventually to be destroyed, after and while
giving your valuable Life Energy to them - and they have to go
about it very cleverly, and if they can, very forcefully - to
keep you as Blind and as intensely Stupid as you are now, about
Life and about them, including your pretended "education."


Back to the device, the measuring, and using it to give instant
feed-back to your intention to look, to sense and to find out
what you are fighting back to regain your awareness and
understanding of.

The meter actually should (more conveniently) have earphones, an
audio/sound output and thus giving you an audio feed-back -
which I started to work on, but I have not gotten around to
designing and making that too:

Me being far too much engaged in 'holding your hand,' globally,
to maintain enough peace, and me being far too busy - again,
because YOU, exerting the maximum of irresponsibility that you
can be driven to by Criminal Minds, DO NOT DEFEND ME, so I have
to spend the majority of my time - with keeping MYSELF defended
and protected against those who are INTENSELY EVIL globally (on
Earth), and who attempt additionally, by their violent and
vicious emanations, to kill me or my body, and who try so many
times, day and also night,

and of course their goal is also to prevent me from writing and
from having it reach you - also to prevent the present article,
a most important piece that very substantially helps you and
others to detect them, from getting your hands on them. And by
means of their constant Harmful Energy attacks, they try to
prevent me from feeling you, my feeling what you think and what
you feel. *(n)

All of which may explain to you my choice of publications at
various times, which is primarily to handle or alleviate various
global conditions on Earth - including, of course, to handle
those individuals who are creating, or trying to maintain or to
increase the dangerous conditions and Evil Ideas *(n) they fight
for in a hidden manner, with their Evil Ideas including their
denying who and what you and others are, and who and what THEY
(Criminal Minds) are, and how Life works (and how they work to
destroy you and Life) because

WHILE THEY DENY Life Energy and the soul to exist, like the
famous sociopath James Randi, THEY DO (and also he does) KNOW
IT very well, how Life Energy works; they do very well know
about the soul, and so they do very well know WHAT to deny, and
they DO sense who is who, and whom to attack, but you do not
know or sense, that they do know very well, but they - Criminal
Minds - made it so that you "try to remedy their ignorance,"
and they want to keep that so ...very much so. So now you know
a tiny bit about how the future is created, as described also
in {HRI 20070702-V3.5} or later, in 'Know Your Role on Earth'

Back to the instrument - without which and without using it, I
would not have been alive at all, neither bodily nor
spiritually, me being under such VIOLENT attacks by the known
and named Criminal Minds whom you know from the Human Rights
Issues, plus the nearly irreparable physical harm they inflicted
on my body as well, with the medical profession trying to
destroy my abilities, in order to "prove," that "such abilities
do not exist."


Back to the instrument:

The DC voltage out (about 1 to 5V DC, here) - picks up
(measures) small, sudden fluctuations in body resistance:
Fluctuations that take place in areas where the Life-Energy
flows concerned are concentrating, in particular at the hand
palms, and have a measurable effect on the electrical

The fluctuations in electrical resistance - because it
fluctuates with those - do indicate, that Life Energy Particles
are felt, are looked at, and are moving, changing. All feelings,
ideas, sensations, etc., ARE (contained in and conveyed by) Life
Energy Particles.

1. Drugged Euphoria,
2. Ugliness,
3. Unconsciousness and
4. Pain-Hate,

are Harmful, Altered Life Energy Particles (HALEPs) created and
inflicted by Criminal Minds, and these contain lies (false
ideas) as well.

And these will be, are being and have been projected and
inflicted onto your soul, and on and into your body and into its
Life Energy Particle structures, by Criminal Minds and by those
who are under the spell of Criminal Minds.


To measure the resulting fluctuations in electrical resistance,
you hold for instance two large coins pressed to the hand palm's
skin (or if size is no object, then you hold two soup cans,
tin-plated steel, possibly silver- or gold-plated, with the
insulated bottoms of the cans glued together, in the palm of
your hand).

A wider surface contact with your hand palm, does improve the
signal pickup. Contact-gel or cream is NOT necessary, but
allowable. If your skin I super dry, you can even simply make it
moist with your saliva.

In the 2009 Expanded Mathison-Trenite Life Energy Fluctuation
Meter, of 9 May 2009, the amplification is diversified, to
reflect various sizes of signals - in particular very fast,
verytiny drops and rises in resistance, that can be viewed
simultaneously with (the immediately following) big signals;
also wildly changing, choppy signals, and huge signals, that
develop instantly from the tiniest of signals, do remain

The Expanded version - even with the current, very primitive
circuit - is sufficient to crack any hidden or occluded Life
Energy open to your finding and viewing it - given enough
Persistence and Desire (meaning Energy with which you intends)
to find out, is generated or kept up or re-kindled by you.

For this 2009 Expanded Mathison-Trenite Life Energy Fluctuation
Meter, of 9 May 2009, build, see the pictures of the schematic

Any currently existing literature and trained-in ideas about the
use of the meter, and about the significance of any specific
meter signals or 'Reads,' and about resistance values, and about
patterns of meter signals in general, ARE ENTIRELY FALSE AND
MUST BE DISCARDED. Those are relayed, given or sold to you, by
people who refuse to investigate ...beyond "what they are
allowed to look at;" and who are refusing to probe what they are
hypnotized NOT to perceive or NOT to know about,

a refusal to know and to investigate, of theirs, and their
complying with what (the usual, "normal" social and spiritual
connections and contacts of them with) Criminal Minds enforce,
what the ENERGIES of Criminal Minds enforce. They work to make
you NOT find out.


So do not use ANY advice or ideas or rules regarding the meter
and its use, till true ones have been established:

Do follow entirely your own curiosity and available sanity and
sense, instead.

Never do or think what Criminal Minds want you to think or do,
what they project at you, for you to feel, as if: "You think it
or do it out of your own initiative and free will." Criminal
Minds do delight in that.

Unfortunately, as everyone else (without exception), so also
have you been and are you being severely hypnotized in much of
your perception, your feeling, your thinking, and in your
actions or your lack of action resulting from that,

to the extent, that you do not even know anymore how perception

hypnotized and dominated as you are into lacking connection to
life and into greatly diminished Joy Of Life,

including any of your illnesses, diseases, compulsions,
discomforts, and inabilities, due mainly to the drain of your
Life Energy to the "benefit" of Criminal Minds commandeering
and taking it - much of your Life Energy - while they tell you,
that "Life Energy does not exist" - all adding to

you being less and less able to defend yourself and your body
against their Harmful, Altered Life Energies (HALEPs), a
phenomenon that you better know as and call 'old age,'

because of the drain of your Life Energy, drained from you, and
the more so from children, especially by means of the hypnosis
(by the 'overwhelm with Ugliness and Unconsciousness Energy'
hypnosis, which is) called sleep, Criminal Minds are taking
your Life Energy from your body and from you,

you the soul whom Criminally Minded individuals hypnotized -
into believing and "proving it with 'science'," with medical(!)
"science" even - that "(you) the soul does not exist."

With the comfort of sleep, they are hypnotically "rewarding you"
by making you not anymore feel their unbearable Ugliness and
Hate Energies, for you to wake up "refreshed," made unaware -
"not overwhelmed anymore" by their Laming and Blinding,
Life-repelling Ugliness Energies that you will feel when you
would NOT sleep,

waking up "refreshed" because these Harmful Energies have now
become clouded over, encapsulated, nested in Drugged
Unconsciousness Energies covering up and hiding Unawareness
Energies, again, during your sleep, in which - quite in
addition to that, your own Awareness Energy Particles and your
Perception Energy PARTICLES are to a considerable extent
smashed and sucked away by them.

But you have been taught and are being taught - by Criminal
Minds - that the actuality of Life "does not exist at all," but
that "all Life is replaced by molecules, electrons and photons,"
which is the 'Cartesian' basis (given by the famous French
scientist Descartes) of the current, very harmful, malicious
quackery of Licensed Medical "science."

They have "magically," with French Mr. Descartes [Cartesius in
Latin] in the lead now since three hundred and fifty years,
"scientifically" wiped Criminal Minds "off the surface of

together with the Harmful Energies these inflict day and night
on us, "gotten rid of" with one stroke of his philosopher's pen
- the Criminal Minds "were wiped out," banned, "never to bother
us again." And they did "the final clean-up" with the
guillotine, in Paris, so that "we all became Brothers, living
Equal and in Freedom."

Thus Descartes and his friends "got rid of evil," for us - "we
were freed" of Demonic creatures,

and of the confusions and illogic these introduced continuously
into daily life and into science, and so "we could now proceed
with 'rational' science." In the mind of Descartes, that is,
and in the medical "science" that is still in full support of
his "rationality."

With one flourish of his pen, "he, Descartes, implemented all
the Human Rights Issues that aim to and do understand, detect
and neutralize the effect of Criminal Minds or Demonic

"No need to understand these harmful souls, nor Life itself,"
because "Life does not exist, people do not exist, and they are
now (around the year 1650, in Europe) replaced by
'rationality,' by the 'Aufklarung,' by the "age of

all confusion of life "replaced with the 'rationality' of
dealing with objects, with molecules, and with photons" as a
SUBSTITUTE for (your) Life and SUBSTITUTING (you, and the soul
of other) people."

And now you know, why Life Energy, and you, the soul, "does not
exist" in the Licensed Medical Trade and "Science" [LMTS] and in
their "Research" and their funding of these, and in their
"charities:" They are dominated by Criminal Minds.

The PORTABLE VERSION of the Life Energy Fluctuation (LEF) meter
has two large coins or any functionally shaped metal pieces
glued to the back of a multimeter or mobile phone or mp3 player,
which is hand-held in such a way of course, that the coins etc.
do firmly press onto the skin of the hand palm.

The circuitry and 9V battery are built inside the case, and in
the primitive case of using a multimeter, the 'moving-coil-
needle' is used as main output of the overall signal.

The other, signal outputs, for the very tiny and for the larger
and for the very large signals can of course on a table model be
done also with moving coil multimeters (being fast enough to
follow the signal) for lack of building proper readouts with
tiny LEDs and an added LCD if you can, which (LEDs) become
mandatory on a portable model, simply for reasons of size and
ease of reading.

Two adjustment knobs plus one sensitivity knob, that makes three
knobs or wheels are added to stick out of the case, if modern
automating circuitry and touch-sensitive switches are not


Carry this - the portable version - meter with you, AT ALL
TIMES, to INSTANTLY look at any type of Energy attack on your
body or on your soul, such as - and in particular -

attacks with Pain Energies onto your heart or with
Unconsciousness into or at your head, and

attacks with Ugliness Energies, onto your eyes, your forehead
and behind your eyes (Criminal Minds do that to block and
pulling away your Energy for perception (Life Energy Particles,
that you use to perceive with), and they use Ugliness and Hate
Energy attacks on your throat (on your Energy to talk with) to
block your talking;

and they make any attack on your soul causing you to feel
strange feelings or strange ideas or compulsions,
unconsciousness (black-outs), or drugged-like euphoric
stupidity, which all are Harmful Life Energies by which Harmful
People, living or dead, people are not bodies but are souls) do
attack others (you included).

Look at any attack to harm your body, and your soul, by which
they - Criminal Minds - try to make you feel or make you want to
be less alive, wanting to go to sleep, to stop looking, to be
hopeless, to make you feel you have failed, that your living
makes no difference, that 'nobody loves you,' etc..

They may also complain of those feelings themselves, so those
feelings are no proof of someone 'being not a Criminal Mind.'


You look with the meter to assist you in recognizing and thus in
neutralizing the Energies inflicted - inflicted ALWAYS by an
actual (alive or deceased) individual (and on Earth, inflicted
usually without the aid of any mechanical devices, because such
mechanical "technology" to harm the soul of others, does not
exist on Earth anymore.)

This - looking at harmful Energies projected at you or into your
body - looking and thus remedying the effects instantly, or as
soon as possible, is VERY MUCH CHEAPER and MUCH MORE PLEASANT -
stay at hospital, or illness, or invalidity, or death, or being
kept imprisoned in a comatose body, for years maybe, by some

medical doctors - who earn high amounts of money by doing so in
a hospital "to help you." You pay for their mansion and their
yacht, if they keep you suffering - the Medical Trade sees
nothing wrong in that, as long as they can keep you stupid
enough to see it as "their caring for you."

See the Human Rights Issues, to become cognizant of your
dangerous and very despicable Ignorance, so as to remedy
it, and of your factually Destructive Insanity, both
towards yourself and towards others, existing, so as to
remedy it.

If you are not aware of it, you can never remedy it, of
course. See for instance the Human Rights Issue 'Evil
Creatures fight for Evil Beliefs, versus the Rational
Truth,'{HRI 20080918-V1.5.1} or later version.

You are so inconceivably Insane, and I have pointed it out to
you, because I wish you or those in your care, to have their
native Sanity come out again, and validated.

Koos Nolst Trenite 'Cause Trinity'
human rights philosopher and poet

'God gave Solomon wisdom
and very great insight,
and a breadth of understanding
as measureless
as the sand on the seashore.'

1 Kings 4:29


'Evil Creatures Fight for Evil BELIEFS, versus the Rational
Truth' (ECFEB)
{HRI 20080918-V1.5.1}
(8 Sept 2008 - Version 1.5.1 on 15 Mar 2009)

'When Koos Nolst Trenite is mentioned to Demonic creatures (to
hidden sociopaths)' (MTDC)
{HRI note 20091002-V2.0}
(2 October 2009 - Version 2.0 on 4 Oct 2009)

'Discovery of Life Energy - History in 1784'
(13 October 2003 quote from 'The Mafia Code Against Mankind,'
from {HRI 20021018-V2.0})


Copyright 2009 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it (but not to sociopaths
specifically, because these vehemently oppose any true knowledge
of life and about themselves).
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific or artistic "agenda," but only to educate,
and to encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
about any organizations or individuals.
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