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You have the opportunity to stop a one man crime wave that has been
plaguing New York for approximately 30 years. Recent events now make
it possible for you to end the crime spree that I will now detail for

I and many others have been defrauded by Mr. Richard Gleeson, a.k.a.
Dominique Richard, a.k.a. Steve Levine, a.k.a. William Healey. He is
a Canadian national, but he has a U.S. Social Security Number in the
name of Dominique Richard. His last known residence was at 60 DeKoven
Court, Brooklyn, New York, and up until several years ago he was
conducting business at 221 West 57th. Street, 11th. Floor, New York,
New York 10019.

He moved his business to 118 E 37th St., Ground Floor, in the Murray
Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, in mid-2004 for less than two years,
before he moved to his current location at 405 E. 50th St., ground
floor, and he is believed to be currently residing at an unknown
location on Fire Island.

He has been practicing medicine under the name "Dominique Richard" and
he presents himself to the public as "Dominique Richard, H.M.D" a
"famous" physician licensed in France, a Homeopathic Medical Doctor in
the U.S., and the son of the famous French actress Jeanne Moreau. Ms.
Moreau has publically declared that Mr. Gleeson / Richard is not her
son in her biography "La Moreau." On knowledge and belief, Mr.
Gleeson / Richard is an uneducated French Canadian, failed former rock
and roll musician, and the only New York state license he ever held
was that as a hairdresser and cosmetologist.

He has been practicing medicine without a license in the U.S. for
approximately 30 years in various ways. He tells patients, co-
workers, and the general public that he was a licensed physician in
France, however, there are no records to substantiate this claim and
he has been known in the past to create fraudulent records to further
this misrepresentation. It is also believed that in the past he has
posed as a licensed Chiropractor, and several years ago it was
discovered that he had been impersonating the famous British record
producer, Steve Levine.

History: In the early 1980's Mr. Gleeson ran a bogus cancer clinic
which was licensed as a hospice in the Millbrook / New Paltz area. He
charged $10,000 to "treat" terminally ill cancer patients, and he was
also practicing medicine without a license in several boroughs of New
York City. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Gleeson was convicted in New York
on 5 counts of practicing medicine without a license. Having been
"busted" for "playing doctor," Mr. Gleeson apparently felt having
"Real" doctors on premises would legitimize his activities. Using his
fake credentials as a physician, and employment contracts allegedly
approved by an attorney, Mr. Gleeson employed physicians during the
period 1984 through 1997 in medical corporations operating under a
number of various corporate names. What Mr. Gleeson failed to realize
is that without the proper form of holding corporation, it is illegal
in New York for a non-physician to employ physicians. The physicians
Mr. Gleeson employed were unaware of his fakery, believing that he was
in fact a physician as he identified himself to be. This illusion was
furthered by the employment contract he had them sign which he
represented as being "attorney approved."

Sadly, Mr. Gleeson was not satisfied to simply be an herbalist and
collect large sums of money from the patients of his clinic, his
recidivist nature compelled him to still "play doctor." Unbeknownst
to each physician at the time, Mr. Gleeson would engage in medical
practice when the "real" licensed physicians were not on premises.
This activity may have included invasive medical procedures such as
physical examination, procurement of laboratory specimens, hypodermic
injection, phlebotomy / venipuncture, intravenous therapy, etc. When
each physician discovered that he was "playing out of bounds," they
would terminate their business relationship with Mr. Gleeson and his
clinic. Mr. Gleeson would then seek out and find the next licensed
physician to be his "patsy."

During 1997 Mr. Gleeson switched tactics by first setting up the
licensed physician as a sole proprietor, but with Mr. Gleeson
remaining in control of all the funds. He also took on a business
associate, a Mr. Alex Nimmervoll, who without the knowledge or consent
of the licensed physician, opened a fraudulent second clinic to engage
in fraudulent insurance billing.

In 1998 Mr. Gleeson switched tactics again. He had the licensed
physician set up as a Professional Corporation, again with himself
controlling all of the funds and taking the majority of the practice
income for himself. The most current licensed physician, Dr. Anna Pla
Alarid, M.D. is sole shareholder of the corporation, Bioessentials
Medical Services, Inc. Dr. Alarid is an elderly woman who is
financially destitute, and exhibits signs of mental confusion. She is
thus an ideal "front" for Mr. Gleeson's illegal activities. She is
also herself a convicted felon, (for intent to distribute 150
kilograms of cocaine in 1989).

Mr. Gleeson, who functions in that practice as "Dominique Richard," is
the "true" owner of the practice who controls all funds. (Until
several years ago, Mr. Gleeson's office manager, Mr. Paull Matheson, a
terminally ill, former drug addict who has since passed away, assisted
Mr. Gleeson in maintaining absolute control over all of the practice
funds). The majority of the practice income is appropriated by Mr.
Gleeson / Richard. Mr. Gleeson / Richard's company is Bioessentials
Inc. On knowledge and belief, there is no formal agreement between
Dr. Alarid and Mr. Gleeson such as often exists between a Professional
Corporation and a Management Company.

Mr. Gleeson has a large, loyal following of patients, some of whom
have been using the medical services of his corporations for twenty
years and longer under the belief that he is all that he represents
himself to be. He grosses over a million dollars a year from the sale
of medical services, and he has convinced many patients to spend as
much as $15,000 or more per year at his clinics.

Multiple complaints were filed with the New York District Attorney,
New York Attorney General, the New York State Department of Health,
and the Immigration and Naturalization Service. As a result of a
recent change in Immigration Law, Mr. Gleeson is no longer eligible
for citizenship or residency in the U.S. since he is a convicted felon
in New York. Further, Mr. Gleeson engaged in a "Green Card Marriage"
to obtain Permanent Resident status. The District Attorney declined
to pursue Mr. Gleeson giving the reason that the Attorney General has
jurisdiction over the matter. The Attorney General initially declined
to pursue Mr. Gleeson, but had decided to place the matter under
review. The New York State Department of Health also has the matter
of Mr. Gleeson under review. The INS has indicated that while Mr.
Gleeson is subject to deportation, he is on a very long list of people
subject to deportation. The INS suggested that if one of the Judicial
or Police authority agencies, such as the District Attorney, Attorney
General, or FBI were to "Officially" notify them that Mr. Gleeson was
a higher priority, they would accelerate the process of his

On knowledge and belief, there is a division of the FBI currently
active in New York state which is investigating improper business
relationships between physicians and non-physicians. Mr Gleeson's
corporation, Bioessentials Medical Services, certainly would seem to
fall within its mission goal. Mr. Gleeson has incorporated his
company Bioessentials Inc., (another of Mr. Gleeson's corporate
identities), in other states such as Texas and Florida and thus has
spread his illegal activity nation wide therefore falling within the
jurisdiction of the FBI. Not long ago a complaint was made to the FBI
by a Mr. William Noll regarding Mr. Gleeson / Richard's impersonation
of the famous British Music Producer, Steve Levine. On knowledge and
belief, Mr. Gleeson has been posing as Steve Levine for many years,
even prior to 1994. On knowledge and belief, no action by the FBI has
been taken nor has been scheduled to be taken against Mr. Gleeson.

Hopefully, this post will make you aware of the illegal fraudulent
activities being perpetrated by Mr. Gleeson and thereby help to
protect the general public. In a sense Mr. Gleeson is a "clear and
present danger" to public health. He involves himself in the
treatment of acutely ill individuals, some of whom have life
threatening illnesses. He is also particularly fond of treating
infants and children, and many parents rely on his medical corporation
as the sole health care provider for their children.

All of the patients are referred to Mr. Gleeson / Richard's medical
facilities, by another patient or someone known to Mr. Gleeson. NO
recently, all calls to Mr. Gleeson / Richard 's office during working
hours were forwarded to an answering service, which thoroughly
questioned each prospective patient. Prospective patients had to
supply the name of a current or former patient who referred them. The
referral had to be verified before any appointment was made.

Currently, Mr.Gleeson/Richard currently is no longer using an
answering service. His own voice is now the outgoing message on the
voicemail for Bioessentials, telephone number (212) 759-1999. There
is an option to page him, so that after-hours calls from patients are
handled by him, rather than a physician.

At the present time it is believed that Dr. Alarid is on premises some
of the time to "supervise" him, perform physical examinations,
intravenous therapy, phlebotomy, etc. But due to her advanced age and
increasing frailty and given his past history, it is likely that Mr.
Gleeson / Richard opportunizes on her confused mental state and
desperation to afford himself the opportunity to "play doctor" when
she is off premises. This activity may include invasive medical
procedures such as physical examination, procurement of laboratory
specimens, hypodermic injection, phlebotomy / venipuncture,
intravenous therapy, etc. Dr. Alarid continues to reside at 351 E.
84th St., phone number (212) 472-7926, and has been known to treat
patients at that location.

As for Mr. Gleeson/Richard, he was recently sued by the landlord of
221 W 57th St., 11th Floor, for being approximately $200,000 in
arrears. He was the lease holder of the 11th Floor premise, and he
subletted the premise to 2 or 3 legitimate physicians under his
company name Bioessentials, Inc. They had no professional connection
with Mr. Gleeson/Richard or Dr. Alarid, and several of these
physicians found themselves locked out of the premise. At least one
sued him to no avail. Mr. Gleeson/Richard is very adept at both
avoiding legal judgements and paying attorney fees. He is the
consummate con artist.

Mr. Gleeson/Richard will likely seek another "patsy" soon due to Dr.
Alarid's advanced age and condition, but his present situation
presents the ideal opportunity to arrest him and finally end his 30
year crime spree, as he would finally be deported if faced with
another conviction. Although it is not illegal for him to see clients
and sell them nutritional and homeopathic products, he orders blood
tests, with Dr. Alarid's name, and gives subcutaneous, intramuscular,
and intravenous injections and infusions.

Since Mr. Gleeson / Richard is a Greencard holder with a 5 count Class
E Felony conviction in 1983 which is within 5 - 10 years of obtaining
his Permanent Resident Status, (probably 5 years), he is subject to
deportation as he is ineligible for US Citizenship. Although he
travels freely between the United States and his native Canada, his
Canadian passport reads "Richard Gleeson," while his felony conviction
is under the name "Dominique Richard." Thus, immigration officials
are never alerted regarding his criminal record.

Thousands of American Citizens have been defrauded and/or had their
health put at risk by this individual. In the recent past, Mr.
Gleeson / Richard vacated his residence at 60 DeKoven Court, Brooklyn,
New York, leaving his landlady tens of thousands of dollars in arrears
and illegally selling her furniture to neighbors claiming it to be his
own. Unless Mr. Gleeson / Richard is deported or incarcerated, his
crime wave will continue unending. We are hoping that this letter
will further expose this uncredentialed individual so that no more
members of the general public will be victimized by him.

Please contact The NY State Department of Health, Office of
Professional Medical Conduct,
Investigator Mr. Fortune Nava, (212) 268-6906 Voice, (212) 268-7331
Fax, for further details and verification if needed.

Mr. Gleeson / Richard's illegal activities must be stopped and now is
the perfect opportunity to do so.