From: john on

"Martin" <none(a)> wrote in message
>>LOL. You lot created aids then
>>people to die via azt
> Quite illustrative of your sociopathic character that you find these
> finds "LOL".

On the contrary, you lot are living examples of psychopathic behaviour, if
you didn't laugh at your antics you would go mad

From: john on

"Martin" <none(a)> wrote in message

here is some info on your Allopathy Inc, I suggest you read it

From: Citizen Jimserac on
On Oct 10, 3:59 pm, Peter Bowditch <myfirstn...(a)> wrote:
> "john" <nos...(a)> wrote:
> >Dr Clark passed away, last month.
> Thank you for reminding me of this wonderful event, John. I get a real
> feeling of pleasure whenever I remember that this piece of filth is no
> longer around to lie to people, steal their money and shorten their
> lives.
> --

Bowditch, I understand your Quixotian crusade, but really, old dude,
you're really exceeding the bounds of propriety in speaking of her in
this matter and I must object, irrespective of the merits of Clark's

I don't know what the hell a "Zapper" is and, right now I don't care -
someday when time permits I will read some of her writings and see if
there is some merit.

I must sternly caution you, Bowditch, that your anti-intellectual and
anti-scientific emotionalism, and outright hatred of this Clark person
are plainly obvious and may have corrupted your judgement on the
merits of her ideas - indicative that the allowance of your good faith
motivations to help people and protect them against charlatans may
have a darker side which impairs judgement and leads to pseudo-
sceptical condemnation, a grave threat to genuine scientific
researchers and practitioners in all disciplines.

It so happens, I AM slowly, when time permits, reading a book by Dr.
Emmanuel Revici MD, published in the early 1960's. Revici has been
reviled, attacked, condemned, criticized and excoriated for his anti-
cancer protocols and therapies and various articles have, several
times produced what is, in my opinion, rather shoddy "evidence" that
they do not work.

Far from being some charlatan, Revici was a genuine researcher, MD
and dedicated physician and numerous highly credentialed oncologists
came to his defence on several occasions. That his book and ideas
were very nearly blocked by the hysterical oppositionism of the highly
entrenched medical organizations of the early 1960's, their heyday, so
to speak, does not cast a favorable light on those who repeat such
mistakes in the present.

You will, I hope, accept my criticisms as a friendly gesture of good
will rather than some sort of personal attack, and modify your
thinking and lack of respect accordingly. I have on several occasions
visited your web site and, though I disagree with much, have each time
learned some new fact or interesting point of view for later
consideration and rumination.

This is something you must decide upon and do yourself. If you allow
blind hatred to infiltrate your thinking, I can assure you it will
eventually come to dominate.

Citizen Jimserac

From: john on

"Citizen Jimserac" <jimserac(a)> wrote in message

> I can assure you it will eventually come to dominate.

Bit late for that but good sentiments

From: Happy Oyster on
On Sun, 11 Oct 2009 07:50:53 -0700 (PDT), Citizen Jimserac <jimserac(a)>

>I don't know what the hell a "Zapper" is

Then you should find out BEFORE you bark.

Did you know that Google is a search engine. Works like this:

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These search terms are highlighted: james pannozzi oriental
James Pannozzi

Oriental Medicine - Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology

Sarasota, Florida Area
Contact James Pannozzi
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Oriental Medicine Physician Intern at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of
Software Engineer at InTouch Inc.
Annuities Software Developer at Aon

3 more...
East West College of Natural Medicine
University of Rhode Island
Roger Williams University

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10 connections
Medical Practice
James Pannozzi�s Summary

Graduate of East West College of Natural Medicine, MSOM

Major Interests:
Application of Traditional Chinese Herbology
to the amelioration of post chemotherapy
side effects.

Application of Traditional Chinese Herbology
research applied to the treatment of various cancers.

Possible application of high dilution Homeopathic
remedies for epidemic disease prophylaxis

Applications of Laser Acupuncture

Research in Tibetan Sound Healing

Gradual familiarization with classical Chinese language sufficient to read the
medical classics
James Pannozzi�s Specialties:

Former software developer.
Languages: Russian (near fluency reading speaking and writing, quite some time
ago), Japanese (intermediate level, reading), Chinese (elementary level,
speaking and reading)
Interested in Research in Traditional Chinese Medical Literature and in
Classical Chinese Language
Interested in theory and viability of Homeopathy,
following closely the theories of Dr Rustum Roy and Dr. Iris Bell M.D., Ph D.
James Pannozzi�s Experience
Oriental Medicine Physician Intern
HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota

(Hospital & Health Care industry)

January 2009 � April 2009 (4 months)

Completed 12 Week Externship at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota.
This 76 bed rehabilitation hospital specializes in long term care and recovery
for auto accident, sports injury, stroke victims, workers compensation and other
debilitating conditions, illnesses and injuries.

Duties included interviewing patients, making diagnoses, formulating Acupuncture
point prescriptions and administering Acupuncture to the patients. Supervisor
was Dr. R. Benner, the hospital Acupuncture physician.
Software Engineer
InTouch Inc.

(Consumer Electronics industry)

February 2005 � December 2005 (11 months)

C language software development for a PIC Microsystems based wristwatch for
children which would alert their parents' cellphone
if the child strayed too far from the parent.

Other engineers on this project - Bob Bennes, now at Apple, William Friedman,
now at a medical imaging company in Las Vegas and Rick Metz, board layout
expert, now in Ohio.
Annuities Software Developer

(Public Company; AOC; Insurance industry)

May 1993 � December 2004 (11 years 8 months)

Maintained and Expanded Joe O'Reilly's
Structure One Plus Annuity/Structured Settlement Design system which had been
abandoned by the original programmers. Converted the 30,000+ lines of C to a new
Windows based system written in C++ in 1994-1997. Later adapted the system for
company wide online use via Citrix.

Designed for producing Structured Settlement proposals as word documents on the
web, the system was an early version of software similar to the new Google web
based office software in which key documents and spreadsheets are generated by
the program and made available across all divisions of the company.

Position was outsourced to India in December 2004.
Via teleconferencing, consulted with and advised the Indian software developers
on key issues and design issues that they would need to know and they later
successfully built a conventional database application expanding the old
application's functionality.
Telecommunications Software Engineer
International Data Sciences

(Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Telecommunications industry)

June 1984 � August 1992 (8 years 3 months)

Telecommunications software development for protocol analyzers, X25 and HDLC
packet decoding, User Interface for both Windows based and hand held analyzers.

Software written almost exclusively in "C".

Supervisor: Howard Rowland
Other notable people there:
Dr. Renato D'Antonio,
Carl Brunetti E.E.
Mark Pesci,
later instrumental in VRML
Software Engineer
Indev Control Systems Inc.

(Industrial Automation industry)

April 1979 � September 1983 (4 years 6 months)

Z-80 and 8080 assembly language programming for an Industrial thin film
measurement robotic gauge.

Later converted 10,000+ lines of 8080 assembly code to Pascal.

Managers: Dr. Ray Manco and Bill Copeland
Software Engineer

(Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Information Technology and Services industry)

February 1978 � March 1979 (1 year 2 months)

Software development related
to Trident submarine systems.
American Systems was known
at that time as American Communications
Manager: Steve Larsen
James Pannozzi�s Education
East West College of Natural Medicine

MSOM , Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology , 2006 �

Externship - Health South Rehabilitation Hospital - Clinic hours in addition to
School Clinic; 2009
Award for Achievement in Tui-Na
Activities and Societies:
University of Rhode Island

Electrical Engineering/Computer Science 1976 � 1978
Roger Williams University

A.A., B.A. , Philosophy , 1966 � 1970

Activities and Societies:
CH East

Additional Information
James Pannozzi�s Interests:

Homeopathy, Classical Chinese Language, Treatment and Amelioration of Symptoms
of Multiple Sclerosis; Investigation of Glandular Fever as a Precursor to the
Onset of Multiple Sclerosis Analogous to the Appearance of Certain Fevers as
Precursor to Guillain- Barre' DIsease. Utilization of Herbs to Ameliorate the
Effects of Chemotherapy.
James Pannozzi�s Groups:

Current member American Association of Oriental Medicine
Past member Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
James Pannozzi�s Honors:

Certificate of Achievement in Chinese Tui-Na Treatment awarded by East West
College of Natural Medicine, Feb. 2008

Ported Steve Byrne's GNU Smalltalk to enable it to run under DOS in 1992.
This software has been archived with a collection
of AI software in the Carnegie-Mellon University
AI Archives
James Pannozzi�s Contact Settings
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getting back in touch

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