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The liar and spammer. Bow-itch post deleted.

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Stew Bait failed to change the subject.

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>>>>LOL. You lot created aids then
>>>>people to die via azt
>>> Quite illustrative of your sociopathic character that you find these
>>> finds "LOL".
>> On the contrary, you lot are living examples of psychopathic behaviour,
>> if you didn't laugh at your antics you would go mad
> You appear to be poorly educated, so why should anyone believe you?

Searcing for authority is just an ettempt to avoid thinking for yourself. I
know it hurts but try it some day

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>This thread is not about any bogspot.

Is a bogspot where you go to examine the results of a colon cleanse?

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I'll see if Ican make it worse, just to please anals like you.
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>>>> Ain't that just too cute.
>>>> Jeffrey Peter Joseph Utz, is using yet another email address.
>>>> Unlike jeff.utz(a)gmail on the Quack list.
>>>> He is a not kidsdoc.
>>>> He has failed to provide proof by showinng his current M.D. license.
>>>> Thus, one cannot believe a word he posts.
>>> Jeff earned a Medical Doctor degree, thus making it entirely proper
>>> for him call himself doctor.
>>> You are not bright enough to understand this.>>> So.... we did not know
>>> thatr you were therte to see him earn a degree. Or that you know him
>>> personaly and have been to his office. Or that you have anything to
>>> support your idiotic statement. I think you might have done better to
>>> review the rules of evedince. AND............ So what if he has a
>>> "medical doctor degree"? "medical doctors" have been wrong far too long
>>> on far too many "diseases" while makeing money from people's problems. A
>>> few are dedicated but even they are poorly educated and programed to
>>> think in a wrong-headed way. And one more thing, I'M BACK!!!
>> And no, I do not care if the spelling is wrong. If you are too stupid to
>> make out what I said, you are too stupid to worry about. If you are so
>> anal-retentive to be bothered by it, you are also worthless and need not
>> be concerned with.
> Your punctuation sucks too.