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"By GOD's amazing design, there is no down-regulation of insulin

By that same design receptors of many kinds in a feedback loop increase
and decrease. Provide research showing that insulin receptors is one of
the exceptions.

"Otoh, the dysregulation of the entire multi-organ glucose uptake system
leading to insulin resistance (IR/MetS) arises as a consequence of
acquired visceral adiposity (VAT) which is 100% pathological."

Vat is a normal part of all humans. It plays an important role in
normal metabolism. As with many things it is when it is in excess that
problems can occur.

The most effective approach to reducing abnormal vat is exercise and
calorie restriction with a nutritious dietary plan until normal weight
range is reached. The former first and selectively helps without the
latter, both work in concert for best results.

From: verity on
"True cause is not eating the right amount (32 oz) of food per day:"


The two pound diet,aka 2pd etc. is quack science. It has flaws of both
fact and logic. It was invented to fit a preexisting agenda and does
not flow from evidence based on research. The diet inventor has many
times been appraised of his flaws but clings to them for reasons other
then science or valid medical practice

All of this nonsense of measure by weight or volume comes from the
agenda fitting, not well established research. But sadly even the
agenda is based on misunderstood and misapplied information. Even when
corrected, the author of the agenda for nothing but pride and vain face
saving can not deal with that truth.

The weight part came from a failed knowledge of a particular verse in
scripture. When shown to be wrong, he promptly said he had been given a
new interpretation to set the record straight. And of course this new
information led where the agenda demands.

Bottom line, ignore any reference to the two pound diet,aka 2 pd etc.
and stick with established information and sources of expert authorities
which do not include the vanity of vanity distorting reality in this

There is a larger problem then misinformation obvious to anyone familiar
with the inventor's posts.

May God bless and protect and heal.