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> > Thanks for the URL. US patent? Why don't I see an order button.
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> > For those of us who aren't are all there, where precisely is "here"?
> The corporate site doesn't sell it directly.
> appears to be the only US distributor for it at
> this time.
> It's "here" (in the US) from "there" (Norway).

Well, Swanson's website isn't so easy work with. I had to phone them up to
place my order. I'm "here" so it should arrive within a few days.

If anyone has not heard of it nor tried it, go to and watch the
video, purchase the DVD. The mind/body connection is amazing to behold, as
the man who crashed his plane recounted on the video. He broke most of his
bones, was totally paralyzed except for his mind and his eyes. The doctors
said that he'd be a vegetable except for being able to blink his eyes all of
his life. He blinked that he would walk out of the hospital by Christmas. 8
months later on Christmas day that's exactly what he did. I've had the DVD
for a week, been watching it every day and applying the advice. Chronic
prostatitis, all of those urologists, antibiotics, exams. Gone.