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Fair warning: if you ever want to enjoy a soda when you’re out
again, stop reading now. Really.

Turns out that almost half of soda fountains tested are
contaminated with fecal matter! Everything from coliform to E-coli—
nasty bacteria found in fecal matter—was detected floating around in
soda samples taken from 90 soda fountains in Virginia.

The recent study, published in the International Journal of Food
Microbiology, points out that this veritable fecal-soup of fizzy
bacteria not only can cause stomachaches, but—not surprisingly—it
could potentially be the carrier of serious diseases.

Until now I thought the worst things that could be said about
sodas were that they were sugar-packed drinks filled with empty
calories. Boy was I wrong.

I don’t know about you, but after reading this stomach-lurching
study, I have sworn off fountain drinks…forever. After all, I wouldn’t
drink from a toilet.

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Source: "Beverages obtained from soda fountain machines in the U.S.
contain microorganisms, including coliform bacteria", International
Journal of Food Microbiology, Volume 137, Issue 1, 31 January 2010,
Pages 61-66