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Cause by doctors,prevantable mistakes, hospitals, medical errors, and
reactions to drugs.

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> On Feb 13, 3:58 pm, The One True Zhen Jue <Andrew_King...(a)>
> wrote:

> > On Feb 13, 3:52 pm, Mark Thorson <nos...(a)> wrote:

> > > The One True Zhen Jue wrote:

> > > > Those adverse events aren't from manufacturing defects. Your citation
> > > > is a complete strawman.

> > > But it's the best he can do! He has to pull the spotlight
> > > off of the poor quality control in the supplement industry
> > > by any means he can, and this was the best he could muster.

> > No, he can do much better. A few posts later, he greatly inflates the
> > figures from his citation by over an order of magnitude, 17.6x on one.
> > Why is the truth never good enough for those people?

> No ... again the 16,500 figure is per year. The assumption you made
> was the "inflated" figure was for a year. If I did not make that
> clear I apologize. The 300,000 number is an estimate from the years
> 1984 to 2009.

Roman, I simply don't believe you. Why don't I believe you?
if you use 1984-2009 inclusively, that is 26 years. 300,000 divided
by 26 is 11,538. 16,500 is 43% more than that. Are you innumerate?
Can you do no better than exaggerate (lie) by a factor of 43%? No,
you've only decided to change your claim because you've been caught
the act. Still, I guess a factor of 1.43 is preferable to 17x.
Still, it makes one wonder how your "average" over a 25 year period
only 17x of an "average" year.


> Since no one bothers to keep statistics on this it can only be an
> estimate. The actual numbers could be much worse or they could be
> lower. But in reality it is in no ones best interest to actually keep
> track of these numbers - well except the people that are injured or
> die.

In other words, you have no problem acting out in self-righteous
outrage when you lie. When caught, you suggest that the facts you
quote are based on unknowable figures. Pretty sweet reasoning,

> Have a good day.

Try telling the truth for a change.
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On Mon, 15 Feb 2010 11:49:05 -0800 (PST), Jan Drew <jdrew63929(a)> wrote:

>Cause by doctors,

Like Mercola.

Die volle H�rte:
Die Medienmafia � Die Regividerm-Verschw�rung
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Yappy's lie deleted.
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Is sure to be destroyed by a hurricane in Florida or a sinkhole.

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