From: DP on
I will pay the person who can get the head of psychiatry to challenge me
$5000 in cash(US currency) if a deal is struck.
(Have the individual respond to this posting and provide full contact
and background information and Cc to dp(a) I want
the BEST psychiatrist so there will not be an excuse when the psychiatry
industry LOSES.)

This is more than a fair offer for the task involved.
Still no taker?



Let us put an end to schizophrenia. I challenge any head of psychiatry
to go against me on this illness.
To make it interesting lets put our life on the line. If I lose, you own
my life; if you lose, I own your
life and do with it as I want. What do you have to lose if you believe
this illness requires medication.
In a control experiment using (Self-Protection+T-Room) where the patient
will not be required to take any medication.
Respond to this in an open forum if you want to take the challenge.