From: S G on
Hi. Been coming to this group for a few months now.....checking to see
if someone would touch on the horror I'm now dealing with. I haven't
seen anyone address a situation such as mine.

Well, here Mom is 95 yrs old. She has dementia. I had to put
her in a nursing home over a year ago. I could no longer take care of
her. She was up all night, very confused, left the house in the middle
of the night, didn't know where she was most of the time..... many
problems. I was totally drained. I just couldn't any more. Leaving her
there was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Actually, it still is.

Now, there's a new problem. She has gone from a basically quiet, kind of
shy, very religious, one man woman, ( married to my Dad for 50 yrs.), to
an _openly_ sexual being. I won't give details, I'd rather die. I can
deal with all the other "craziness" this dreadful disease has dealt us,
but, I just can't deal with this. I'm scared when I see the nursing
home's number on my caller ID. First thought is....did something happen
to her, second thought is...has she been sexually inappropriate again.
She doesn't remember any of these encounters....Thank God. If she was
"aware" of her actions, she would be horrified. _How_, _Why_, has she
changed soo much in this regard??? Please tell this common?
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.