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> On Fri, 12 Feb 2010 06:31:26 -0800 (PST), in,
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> >> Knowing you, you are incapable of writing that. Accordingly, you
> >> should have also posted the link, so the rest can be read.
> >I didnt write that, I copied and posted it.
> if you were a student it would be called cheating.
> >> This is a form of intellectual dishonesty, which I have come to
> >> expect
> >> from you.-
> >It was taken from different sites, I would assume, you knew that.
> >from now on I will post the link, For EVERYTHING I use... does that
> >make you happy?
> Do you like to play like you understood it?
> Because when you tried to explain how recessive genes work you showed
> everyone you didn't know squat.
> --
> Bob Officer
Spam and lies deleted.

The top line shows you are a chicken poster and a troll.
You hypocrite, crying in your beer about others name calling and
belittling when they had no argument to present. Here you are doing the
same exact thing.

You are a droll Jan Drew and I hope your wife cuts you off.

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