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Does anyone know how these two chemicals compare as antifungal agents?

Sodium Percarbonate
Borax (Boric Acid)

Are they soluble in methylated spirits? (denatured methanol)
Are there any other cheap, non-toxic compound that are effective? I'm
well aware there are numerous readily available pharmaceutical
products, but they are not cost effective in the long term.
I'm looking to make a COST EFFECTIVE, powerful, antifungal shoe
spray. I already know about sunlight, drying, air, etc. I've already
tackled (my housemate's) feet, etc. Any compounds that stain (e.g.
chlorine bleach, or potassium permanganate) are not an option. Nor
are products with an ovewpowering smell (e.g. tea tree oil). He just
won't use them.

Any advice?