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Fake Physican Warning !!!
You have the opportunity to stop a one man crime wave that has been plaguing New York for approximately 30 years. Recent events now make it possible for you to end the crime spree that I will now detail for you. I and many others have been defrauded by Mr. Richard Gleeson, a.k.a. Dominique Richard, a.k.a. Steve... 29 Jun 2007 15:04
empty enteric/coated capsules?
I've noticed some herbs cause mild allergic reactions for me when used in loose or capsule form - but not hard or enteric-coated pill form. I'd like to cap my own combinations or coat/encase commercial caps. Does anyone know a source of enteric-coated cmpty caps or some commercial / homemade capsule coating / dip... 14 Jun 2007 17:48
GSK at centre of Russian vaccine scandal GSK at centre of Russian vaccine scandal By Andrew Osborn in Moscow Published: 04 April 2007 The pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has become embroiled in a vaccine-testing scandal in southern Russia after prosecutors set out criminal charg... 21 Apr 2007 16:41
Kidney transplant
Hi, this has been on my mind for sometime now, and I wanted to ask you all a few questions. I have read an article at Kidney transplant. I was reading about it on medical health care info which says a kidney transplant is surgery ... 7 Mar 2007 10:28
Viral, Cardio, Cholesterol Chelation
I discovered the following site through my search for a natural way to rid my body of the herpes virus. In doing so, I found: They have products that deal with: Viruses - Flu -Common Colds -Herpes -Epstein-Barr -Human Papilloma Cardiovascular Issues Cholesterol -LDL Reduc... 24 Feb 2007 19:22
Sodium Benzoate
Does Sodium benzoate turn into Benzene if mixed with large amounts of Vitamin C? A neighbor recently got a shipment of Nutrisystems food in parcel post. I was reading the ingredients on the food, and remember reading someplace a few years back that Sodium benzoate and vitamin c produce benzene. I was surprised t... 19 Feb 2007 14:40
Thimerosal Definite Cause Of Autism
Thimerosal Definite Cause Of Autism By Evelyn Pringle January 29, 2007 Miamisburg Ohio To what degree of scientific certainty can we prove that current epidemic of autism was caused by the mercury-based preservative, thimerosal, in childhood vaccines? In response to this question, David Ay... 15 Feb 2007 10:09
~ * The Animal Rescue
Click ~ ! ~ * The Animal Rescue Site ~ Click the purple button To feed an animal in need, every click gives a bowl ... ~ * ~ ... 13 Nov 2007 12:56
David Ayoub, M.D. Goes Crazy [was: David Ayoub, M.D. goes throughthe relations of Mercury to Autism ]
Max C. wrote: Bryan Heit wrote: JOHN wrote: "Bryan Heit" <bjheit(a)> wrote in message news:ei7oho$l3l$4(a) JOHN wrote: "The evidence is now overwhelming, despite the misinformation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Acad... 10 Nov 2006 10:17
Egg Youth Tissue Extract
Well, now I'm even more juiced about it! Mine should arrive this weekend. I think I read another hair testimony somewhere else about it. But, of course, when I wrote the YTE site about concerns of extra DHT and Estrogens, I got no reply yet. stevegunnels(a) wrote: Have heard of it, and have b... 3 Nov 2006 14:16
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