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The Drug Lords..America's Pharmaceutical Cartel
The Drug Lords..America's Pharmaceutical Cartel Tonda R Bian (Author) Review A must read for anyone concerned with the sad state of health care in the United States today and the role the pharmaceutical industry has played in keep... 11 Aug 2010 07:07
Daily WDJW Health Tip for 08/11/10 at the start of Ramadan.
It is when we know the truth (Luke 18:19) that we become healthier (hungrier --> ) than ever: Be hungrier, which really is healthier especially for diabetics and other heart disease patients: 11 Aug 2010 06:02
Send Rakhi Gifts to india
Brothers and sisters want to make this day memorable by celebrating their precious moments with gifts and sweet feelings. Sisters tie Rakhi on brothers’ wrists and brothers give gifts to their sisters. Buy rakhi with combo gift hamper visit: 11 Aug 2010 06:02
WDJW status for 08/11/10 ...
This gentile Christian disciple enjoyed 32 oz of a delicious variety of foods yesterday and is while really satisfied (Lk6:21A) knowing that the LORD provided his body with all the needed good food and his mind with knowing to which are words from His mouth... 11 Aug 2010 16:58
You do not know about Islam !.....
You do not know about Islam !..... If you want to know about Islam, please visit the following websites: 13 Aug 2010 14:42
Fat Loss Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!
Drinking Bios Life Slim at least twice a day with your meals trains your body to burn away excess fat forever - without the jitters, hunger, or confusion of other weight-loss products or programs - creating a slimmer, more active, more attractive you. This is NOT a meal replacement and you don't have to cut calorie... 10 Aug 2010 22:28
Ssilicic acid is the same as silica / silicon dioxide
"carole" <hubbca2003(a)> wrote in message news:9ba8o.3224$FH2.2691(a) For the purposes of buying and taking the silica tablets, anything with silica, silicon dioxide or silicic acid is the same thing. They go down the same way and have the same effect. carole ... 11 Aug 2010 16:58
On Aug 9, 7:29 am, dr_jeff <u...(a)> wrote: Bob Officer wrote: On Sun, 8 Aug 2010 15:54:18 +1000, in, "carole" <hubbca2...(a)> wrote: "Bob Officer" <boboffic...(a)> wrote in message news:hn5s5612lpukb8qdpttnunao8jb72mh8vv(a) On Sun, 8 Aug ... 11 Aug 2010 10:23
School Oral Health Program for underprivileged Children
Oral health is an essential component of health throughout life. Poor oral health and untreated oral diseases and conditions can have a significant impact on quality of life. They can affect the most basic human needs, including the ability to eat and drink, swallow, maintain proper nutrition, smile, and communicat... 10 Aug 2010 15:51
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